Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I get a new comp tomorrow


How is everything going at home? Is there snow yet?

Today we have p-day with our zone!! And we are going to play soccer and volleyball and all sorts of stuff. Pdays are the best! 

(To answer some of your questions), the lulu lemon pants are my favorite.  I wear them everyday.
I am on the top bunk and I shaved my head.  hahaha. I get a new comp tomorrow because my companion is going to be zone leader!! But I will be in the same house with the APs and my new comp. 

Mondays when I email is what gets me through the week.  I hope you guys have an amazing Halloween. Enjoy it for me because they don't celebrate it here. This week was a bummer. I did everything I could this week to love the people, to study the language and to lose myself.  I spent countless hours studying and did every little possible thing I could do to serve.  Like helping someone with groceries or holding the door, giving every little kid candy.  I ended up getting sick I was going so hard. And yet after that, and pouring my heart out every day to our Father in Heaven, by the end of the week I was irritated with the people, with my companion, and the language seemed to be getting worse.  I tried everything I could to lose myself.  But I am not lost.  God knows how much I can bare. 

To top off this whole week, my favorite investigators that I got really, really close with, and we visited every day for 5 weeks straight, just disappeared.  They are in their house, but just don't answer their door or phone, and haven't gone to church for the last two Sundays.  And the girl, Dayone, I baptized, left and moved four hours away.  It's so sad because I got so close to them and their cute little kids.  And everything seemed to be going right. The boom, they are just gone. I don't get it when all I am trying to do is good. I love you guys and I am seriously the luckiest person in the world to have the family and friends I have.  

Elder Meyer 

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