Monday, October 24, 2016

We are representatives of Jesus Christ

Another week down only 60 more weeks to go, ha but who’s even counting?

This week was pretty long and mentally exhausting.  Now that I have been out here for a month people assume I am fluent, and if I don’t know what they are saying they seem disappointed, so that’s pretty frustrating.  But we did get a baptism and I got to baptize her.  That was super spiritual.  That was the spiritual high of the week.  

There was another spiritual moment that I would like to talk about.  We were walking down the street at about 7:30, it’s pitch black cause by the way I am right on the equator so the sun rises at 5 and sets at 5 every single day.  So me and my companion are going to the last house to teach and we see some of our investigators out drinking.  That’s frustrating too, but whatever, so we stopped and talked to them for a little while.  By the way I am really good at talking to drunk Brazilians for some reason.  But one of them asked us if we wanted a drink and another one answered in a mocking way saying we can’t cause we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  When I heard that I was so proud to be called that.  Even though he was mocking that was the best compliment you could ever give me.  So ya, that was a cool experience.  

The lunches here are still the bomb every day.  It’s crazy we go to some huge houses here for lunch like I am not kidding, they are mansions.  It’s crazy how you can go from a really, really poor area to a gated community in the matter of seconds here.  

I have something else that is pretty weird about me that I didn’t know.  I crave reading out here.  Every chance I get I read.  Right now I am reading this book called “Our Search for Happiness”.  It’s amazing.  I recommend it to anyone who is doubting their faith to read it.  It is sooo good.  Ensigns are also amazing.  The mission is turning me into a weird man.  More mature, but weird.  It’s funny to watch myself change.  I still make dirty jokes, but just not as dirty anymore.  And I almost told a pretty girl in our ward that I am free after the mission, but it literally took my everything to not say it.  It would have been funny, but then I remembered I am on a mission.  “Eu eston livre depois men missão” is what I would have said.  But hey, I am changing so that’s good.  

I miss everyone so much.  Give my family a hug for me.

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