Monday, October 10, 2016

God is Always There

What's up yo!  I have been in Brasil for 2 months now.  Feels like it's been eternity and a half but hey you gotta love missionary work, we're only saving people's salvation.  This week was pretty good other than my struggle with the language.  3 pretty spiritual things happened this week.  First was we got a few more baptismal commitments for the next couple of weeks.  That's always spiritual.  2nd was me and my comp were at lunch at a members house.  The member was about 25 years old with 2 cute little kids.  After the awesome lunch and 3 bowls of acai later, the guy wanted us to give a lesson straight from our heart.  So my companion started in his fast Portuguese giving him a lesson from the heart.  Oh and by the way this guy knows a little English so that's super nice.  But my comp ended and then it was my turn.  I told the guy I was going to bare my testimony in Portuguese then in English and that's where it got real.  I told him how much I missed my family and how hard it was to leave them.  Then I told him the reason why I am still out serving is because of people like him.  I told him how much it meant to me to take me in like I was a part of his little family.  And then I said some other stuff that I do not remember because the spirit took complete control at that part.  At the end me and him were both teary eyed.  That was my second spiritual experience, and my 3rd one was last night.  We were out teaching and it was around 8 at night and we went to this lady's house we usually teach.  But all the lights were off so we decided to not knock on the door.  Then I had an immediate feeling we should knock on the door, so we went back and knocked on the door.  Well we actually clapped and yelled her name.  Anyways there was no answer, so we left and that wasted about a minute or so of our time, we were at the end of the street about to turn and then we heard a yell and it was her.  Then her 10 year old son came running down the street and gave me the biggest hug.  I know if we wouldn't have gone back to knock we wouldn't have seen them that day.  I know it wasn't a huge and life changing experience for them but for me it was a little life changing because it was such a simple prompting from God but it made me realize he is always there even in the most simple times in your life.  I love him for that.  

On a funny note, when I am super upset or frustrated I tell my companion that he likes little boys and he is an ugly chicken.  He doesn't understand it but he repeats it to me and it makes me laugh way hard.  

Elder Meyer

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