Monday, October 17, 2016

Imagine Rodizio Grill, but on steroids

Oi  meu amigos e minha familia, tudo Bom. Eu sou fluent dente.  Eu amo voces.  A igreja de Jesus Cristo dos santos dos ultimos dias e verdadeiro.  Eu sei que Jose Smith e verdadeiro profets chamado de Deus.  There is a little taste of my horrible Portuguese.  
This week was pretty good.  The language is coming a little better but definitely not good.  I’ve gained some weight here.  Everyone tells me that the city I am in has the best lunches and I completely believe that.  Imagine Rodizio Grill but on steroids.  That is what every single lunch out here is like, and they don’t stop feeding you.  Like today for lunch we had unlimited churraso at this member’s house.  We ate for literally 2 hours straight.  I will tell you what gives me complete chills and so much love for the people here is when some of our investigators have close to nothing but they will feed us till they have nothing left.  It gets me.  It’s crazy how little someone can have yet be so willing to give.  Makes me have a whole other perspective on life.  I wanna tell you about this family we are teaching that have already been baptized but we are still teaching them.  The mom’s name is Dannelle, the dad’s name is Geraldo.  They have three kids named Secily, Angnus and Miguel.  They were baptized the week before I got here.  I was told that their house burnt down and they were a complete mess before we met them.  Now they are members of the Church.  The dad Geraldo got the priesthood today and they already converted one of their friends.  And Geraldo is going to baptize her next week.  The amount of change and happiness that has occurred in 3 weeks time is amazing.  All because they decided to come unto Christ.  They have stronger testimonies of the Church than I do.  With their happiness it makes me have that much more faith.  Sometimes when I start thinking too deep about like how there are 8 billion people in the world and only 15 million members it just doesn’t seem right.  But what I realize is that a majority just haven’t heard the truth.  One more thing I love out here.  I love prayer.  Before my mission I would go months without praying.  Here I pray an average of 10 times a day.  Literally I feel God’s presence by me every time I do.  I love it.  Take advantage of it people, you’re only talking to God.  And man, love your family.  I would do anything to be with them right now.  
 Elder Meyer

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