Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Goals this Week

August 7-

Another great week of sweat, hard work and more sweat.  It’s already hot enough here but for some reason it’s getting hotter which I did not think was possible.  For some reason this week, when I was sweating buckets and almost dying of heat stroke, I thought about Jamba Juice and remembered all the good times there.  So who ever is reading this do me a favor and go buy yourself a Jamba and enjoy it, haha.
But anyways, we worked a lot this week.  We had a goal of contacting over 150 people and challenging 30 to be baptized.  We ended the week with contacting 170 people and 40 challenges to be baptized.   But with our luck only a few came to church.  It was classic.  We found 7 boys that are all over 12 years old and they came with us to church, it was funny.  Out of the 170 people we invited, everyone agreed to come, but most didn’t show up.  It’s funny cause everyone wants Christ in their lives but they want an easy way and don’t want to go to church they just want to hear our lessons.  We taught like crazy.  We taught 8 people who lost a family member recently, about the plan of salvation, and all 8 understood and loved our message but their pridefulness took over and they didn’t want to accept our religion, cause they are catholic but don’t even practice.  And our best investigators, Nayada and Angelo had a bunch of great questions during our lessons.  We taught them everything with so much spirit.  They love our church and love us and have so much desire to be baptized.  But they just need a few more days to make the final decision.  So we decided to fast for them.  Me and my comp thought everything would go perfect cause we fasted for them and almost died of thirst.  Sunday arrived and boom, they didn’t even come to church.  I don’t know if it’s just me or God likes to work in mysterious ways.  We spent the week with them,  them telling how much they love us, the spirit they feel with us, and then almost crying every time we left.  We decided to do a good thing and the opposite of what I wanted happened.  Haha, I don’t know what he is teaching me but it’s definitely something.
But that’s how my week went.  I love being a missionary and I love the struggles that come along with it.

Elder Meyer

"Miracle of the Day"

July 31-

Another week of miracles.  This week me and my comp were focusing on “miracle of the day” saying when times got tough we looked at our miracle of the day and just laughed everything else off that was going wrong.  Had we realized that literally every day in the field you can have a miracle.  It is just the way you look at the miracle it could be the smallest thing and not even look like a miracle, but it is.  It is just your perspective and how you look at it.  
Our biggest miracle of the week was when we were teaching this family about the restoration and they were paying super close attention.  And when we explained about the three things other churches don’t have it clicked in the dad’s head.  And he had no doubts.  Sunday came along and he and his wife and his kids showed up right on time 8:00 in the morning.  And they liked every minute of it.  We are preparing them to be baptized this Saturday.  It really was a miracle how we found them, taught them, and helped them understand perfectly without doubts.  It really shows that God has his children prepared for us and at any given moment he will guide us to them.  
I love this work, and I would not change a thing in the world to have my mission be different.  I am so grateful for my challenges, and how my challenges are making me rely on Christ more and more.
Until next week.
Elder Meyer

Man I Love the People Here but They're Making Me Fat

July 24-

What’s up, another week filled with miracles, ups and downs, and stuffing my face with food.  One of the miracles this week was that we met this girl that has lived across the street from missionaries I think for over two years and she had never talked to them until we said hi to her and introduced ourselves and everything.  She asked us for a Book of Mormon to read and marked our next visit.  So during our next visit we were teaching her and her husband about how they can be married and sealed for all time and eternity.  And she got all emotional and was telling us how she has visited a lot of churches but really has never felt anything until the moment she was talking to us.  Then she started getting emotional again and telling us the amount of peace she gets when we are around her.  It was amazing.  Our next visit we are planning on marking them to be baptized, I am pumped.  It really was an incredible miracle, it’s just what we needed.  
And why I said stuffing my face because people here love to serve you food.  So after church Sunday I ate from 12 – 8 it felt like.  Man I love the people here so much but they are making me fat.  

And about the ups and downs.  We had a baptism marked for Saturday, a 25 year old that quit smoking and was super prepared to be baptized.  We showed up at his house Saturday and he was gone.  And his grandma was telling us how he doesn’t want to be baptized, but we know she was lying.  So we went back but he wasn’t there for 2 days.  It was sad but at the same time, it’s God time and clearly it’s not Ismail’s time to be baptized.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lucked Out With Elder Frios

Transfers happened and I stayed in Mossoro.  My comp left and I got another brand new guy named Elder Frois from Sao Paulo.  He is a great guy, smart, funny, spiritual and everything.  He got here and we went right to work.  He works like he’s already been out a year.   And teaches amazing already, I really lucked out.  And at the same time we have a good time and just roast each other and laugh.

We saw so many miracles this week it was insane.  We put in so much work with faith and happiness and everything seemed to work out perfectly.  We had some of the most spiritual lessons, more than I have ever had during my mission.  We both set some goals this week to become better missionaries and to be more obedient.  I am pumped for the next week to see what our goals have in store for us.  

This week we found this couple, they are about 25 years old and super awesome people.  We went to their house one day and began teaching them about the restored gospel.  They were so interested and were telling us how they are looking for a true church cause they already went through other churches and didn’t like what the other churches had.  They became so interested that they wanted us to teach all the lessons at one time.  But we didn’t have enough time so we set another time to stop by.  I have never seen anyone so interested in my life.  It was amazing and super spiritual.  

And then Sunday we were able to confirm our baptism which was awesome.

Elder Meyer

Priscilla's, Jaine's, and Leo's Baptism

July 10-

For sure a week to remember.  It’s the last week of the transfer and me and Alves ended off on a good note.  We were privileged enough to baptize Priscilla, Jaine and Leo which was fun.  No better feeling then baptizing during the mish.  And seeing them come unto Christ more and more each day.  It was an awesome experience.  

Priscilla’s mom made a cake for her baptism that was incredible.  The cake had little dolls that she made by scratch.  The dolls were me and Alves baptizing her.  It was the coolest thing ever.  She’s not even a member but she will be baptized, is what she told me when I asked her.  I asked her if I could baptize her during my time in this area and she accepted. 

But the baptism was so special.  They are some of the most elite people I have met thus far on my mish.  God for sure prepared them before I met them.  It was a super great way to end this transfer.  Leo’s baptism was a little bit more complicated.  It took him 3 transfers to decide to get baptized.  He finally decided to be baptized this week.  So we baptized him and confirmed him a member of the Church.  Later to find out we didn’t baptize him correctly cause we forgot to add Dos Santos to his name.  So the next day we had to baptize him again.  And at first he didn’t accept it but later in the day he accepted after we explained how Christ is perfect and how he was baptized showing his example and how we need to be baptized how he was without any mistakes.  It was great we baptized him again.   

And that was how the week went.

Elder Meyer

Friday, July 7, 2017

It's Not About Time, it's About what you do with your Time

Another stellar week here in Mossoro. We have Priscilla and her cousin lined up for baptism this Saturday. And my boy Leo also. It will be a great way to end this transfer. Next week we already have transfers, so who knows what will happen.  I for sure wanna stay because I have only been here for one transfer. The area and people are amazing. I am getting to know the area and people super well!

The mission is flying by. Time here amazes me. It isn't even about the time now. It is about what you do with your time. I only have one year left to give my everything to these wonderful people of Brazil. Man I love these people. Even though they make me frustrated as ever when they say they will come to church and don't end up coming. I love them to death. It is the craziest thing ever!
Every single person here will let you in and have a full blown conversation with you.

This week we met a guy on the street and he let us in to talk with him. He was telling us about his problems with work, and how he had a big decision to make. And we gave him some advice and he took it, and I think it worked out.

Also, this week we ate pizza again, but I didn't throw up. What a miracle!  I also interviewed a few more people for baptism and it turned out well. Haha-the life of a missionary is tiring, but so rewarding!

I am super jealous the fam went to Powell. So we bought some Roman candles and lit them off. This was my week.

Elder Meyer

Heartbreakers and a Miracle

I blinked and this week was over. Special shout out to Max and Irene! This week really did fly by. I had a few great moments and a few heartbreaking moments and one miracle.

The great moments were on Friday I got to interview for people for their baptisms. We don't have any transportation so me and my comp left one area and headed out on a journey to another city to find the people we needed to interview! It took about two hours on foot to get there. But when we got there I had a great experience interviewing these people. And seen their great faith and enthusiasm to take the next step and be baptized. My faith through seeing this people that have such a little knowledge about our church but are so excited to learn more about their Savior.

Then after our journey and interviews we got a call from the sisters. Saying they needed some help with their investigators. So we went and found them and headed over to the investigators house. We made friends with them and taught him a little with the sisters. He excepted baptism, I interviewed him on the spot and then got his moms signature. It all went so smoothly, later I found out that the sisters were super nervous because the mom is super Catholic and that she wouldn't let her son be peptized. Ha ha but I walked back all confidently and boom, she signed the paper with ease. It was great!

Then Sunday was a heartbreaking day. Because we are teaching about 28 people right now and every single one of them agreed to go to church. So, Sunday morning we woke up at 6:00 AM and went to wake all them up and bring them to church. And that one was awake or in town or wanting to go because it's a holiday. Me and my comp headed to church feeling worthless as ever. We arrived in church and went to sacrament meeting and sat there for about a half an hour. Deep down I knew a miracle wascwaiting to happen. And boom, I looked out the window and saw one of our investigator showing up. It was one of our investigators that I least expected. It was a special miracle. But that's how my week went. Until next week.

Elder Meyer