Sunday, March 11, 2018

One of my investigators had a sweet dream

March 5, 2018

Something sad happened

February 26, 2018

Another fast great week. This week started out great. We decided to knock some doors on this one street. We ended up meeting a huge group of amazing people. Tonight tons of lessons and made tons of new friends. Everything went perfect. We worked and focused a lot. We met a new family that came to church that will be baptized this week and a few others that will be baptized also. I love this mission with all my heart and I am striving to become a better person each and every day. Every moment I have out here to share the gospel or at least make someone smile, I am taking complete advantage of. There is nothing like this experience! The people here are so amazing that every day this week we had lunch with a member and then dinner with another member. It was jampacked filled with love.

This week also something sad happened. On Tuesday, as we were talking with the people on the street, we passed a house. I looked at my comp and said, "Hey, tomorrow we have to go back to that house." I felt like we needed to. So the next day we went to the house and knocked on the door. And out ran two boys. 10 and 12 years old. We started talking with them and getting to know them. They said they would go to church and all. They were the cutest little things ha ha. One told me if I don't come back and take him to church on Sunday he would strangle me with my tie.

 So, Saturday we went back to their house around 7 o'clock. We saw the mom screaming and crying as well as the sister. We asked her what had happened and she told us her two sons (around 20 and 18) we're shot in the head and killed. The very moment we got there she figured out what had happened. Me and my comp had no idea what to do so we just comforted them. Then out came the little 10-year-old I talked to, nearly devastated, and told me, "Well, it looks like I can't go to church with you tomorrow because my brother was just killed." I never felt like this in my life. It was such a strange feeling that I felt. But we told them we will come back Wednesday to teach about the plan of salvation. That was my week.

It didn't stop raining

February 19, 2018

This week was a crazy good one that is for sure!  This week started out with an awesome meeting with all the leaders and Pres.  Whenever there is a meeting with President, it's a good time.  The man is super intelligent.  And he loves our mission so much.  I respect the guy like crazy.  So, it started off great.  We were more than pumped to get out and go to work.  

And then it started to rain from Wednesday to Saturday.  It didn't stop raining, but we went to work. On Saturday we worked in the dumping rain for over 6 hours-it was nuts!  We were able to teach a few people still. We taught this girl named Pamela all this week.  She was baptized this week which was an awesome experience.  It is always super stressful on the baptismal days, but it always works out great.  And it always turns out somewhat spiritual. 

This past week I have been reading a book about Gordan B. Hinckley.  My testimony on prophets has grown a ton.  Gordon was one of the best dudes the planet has ever had.  I love seeing how big a gentleman he was and how he did so much  for the church, and put so much time and work into it.  His testimony was amazing and it was so powerful that it changed thousands of hearts.  My goal everyday is to live the high standards that they live with Christlike attributes.  Our prophet and apostles are such amazing role models. But, that was how my week went.  

One more thing, I was reading in Helamen 10:4-5 about Nefi and how he didn't care about his own life.  He wanted to do everything he could possibly do teach and live the commandments.  I loved this chapter and verses.  I remembered something else...

This week we had a zone meeting and we taught a few great things.  One thing I loved was that we were talking about how Joseph Smith had the First Vision with 14 years of age and Mormon had a visit from the Lord with 15 years of age.  We taught and said, "Are we prepared receive a visit from the Lord?" It was super spiritual.  

Elder Meyer 

I am in the best area for sure

February 12, 2018

Well we had transfers this week. Me and Borges are still comps. It will be another great one. We are excited and have a few great goals. I am in the best area for sure.

This week was a great one, after transfers we got back to our area one of the days this week was dedicated to finding some inactive members that were missing a little information on the baptismal papers. We found their address and headed out. We left our house around 3 o'clock in the blazing heat. I am pretty sure it is about 105° and a hundred percent humidity. We ended up walking for almost 1 hour and a half. When we finally got in there we were drenched from head to toe with sweat. All that was missing on the paper was the name of the mom. Ha ha. Then we headed back in the other direction. Ha ha. We got talking about how we were suffering the heat and walking and stuff, but we knew that it was nothing compared to our Savior and his sacrifice. And we also were talking about how our wives are going to be smoking hot because the mish is so hard. Haha. It was a great conversation.

Then we met at a family that loved us so much. We contacted them in front of their house and ended up staying there for about two hours talking with them. They ended up buying food for us and told us they would go to church. Sunday came and they all showed up. Our investigators were confirmed and everything went perfectly. It was a great week. And this upcoming week is Carnival. Wish us luck :-)

The miracles that come from fasting are incredible

February 5, 2018

Piggy back ride

January 29, 2018

Just another week filled with miracles. This week started off bumpin. We had zone conference with the prez which is great. He's the man and teaches with such a power.

 This week we were kind of messing around a bit and we're testing out a few ways to contact people. We decided to knock on all the doors on one street. And it turned out great! A man, Elias was interested, went to church, and told me after church he will be baptized in our church next week. I was super happy when he told us this. Miracles do exist. It was such a good feeling.

After church one of our recent converts named Fabiele was confirmed a member today. She told me one of the best things I've ever heard. She pulled me aside and told me how grateful she was and she told us how she has been saving up money to buy an iPhone. She told us she will use her money now to pay for EFY and she will forget about the iPhone. Remember she was baptized last week. She is awesome and super spiritual.

We also taught and brought this boy that has a problem with his leg where he can barely walk. But what  he did made my year! He ended up walking all the way to church with us and on the way back I gave him a piggyback. He is a stud! My week was incredible. Love this church - it's the best.

Elder Meyer

Splits with Cain

January 22, 2018

Another amazing week about 79 or whatever week it is. Started out with a split I got to go on for a few days. I got to go on a split with Cain, my old companion from about a year ago. We both have come along way with the language, teaching, and the basics. It was super nice to see the improvement. It was a great time, brought back a lot of memories.

 I got back to my area, I got right back into the work. Paid off. Talk about miracles. Sunday arrived and as we are walking around picking up people and taking them to church, I got a call saying that one of our old investigators showed up with her sister. Which was amazing because we practically "cut" her. But, when we showed up after sacrament meeting she told me that she wants to be baptized and I was so dang happy!

So we got her all prepared and step to be baptized later in the day. After church we went to these girls house to take her to her baptism named Maria Edward and Joyce. When we got there they weren't there and we were like what happened? We called her and she said her cute little puppy just died. I was super sad as well as her family. We had to pump them up to get baptized. It ended up working and the three were baptized. It was a great day full of miracles. I also read a cool scripture this week in Doctrine and Covenants 84: 88. Check it out if you want.


Elder Meyer