Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I met one of the best families in my life

April 23, 2018

Well, another outstanding week! This week was full of straight up miracles. To start it off I went bowling, it was sweet. I didn't play too well but I smoke the Brazilians anyway.

On Wednesday I met one of the best families in my life. So we were contacting and we stopped to write down someone's address that we contacted minutes before. Well my comp is writing is we contacted minutes before. While my comp was writing the name down, I saw a beautiful picture of Christ inside a person's house. So I walked up and knocked on the door. This man answered and I asked him if he was a member because I swear I saw the painting of Christ before. He said no, but told us to come into his house. So we walked in and talked with him for a bit and then his wife named Racquel enter the room and offered us cake and stuff because it was her birthday. She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. It was her birthday and she just met us and was so happy to be spending her birthday with us. They loved us.
We marked to come back the next day. 

The next day we had a conference with the mish and me and my comp gave a little training on how we need to talk with everyone. It went well. After we went back to our area to teach this family the restoration. When we got there they had a huge dinner ready for us to eat and then we taught them one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission. The mom Racquel said she never let any other religion  into her house until us. She said that she had already met us and she knew God sent us to her house to teach them the truth.

We talked the plan of salvation and it went great. Then on Saturday we baptized my homey, Victor. Then Sunday we confirmed him and we brought Racquel and her family to church. And they for sure liked it. My week was awesome!

Elder Meyer 

Being humble

April 16, 2018

This week was another great one. We worked hard and had great things
happen. I won't say that I am burnt out yet, but the sun is for sure
getting hotter and hotter each day. One day this week we went to
another part of our area to work and went ham contacting everyone. In
front, on the street, sitting in the shade. Everyone was super nice
and receptive and said we could come back then next day. So we went
back but literally nobody wanted anything to do with our church
because they already have their specific church. Ha ha it was funny.
We decided to go back and work in another part of our area. And ended
up having a little bit more success.

I think the best thing ever is being humble, when everything goes
right there needs to have something wrong so we can grow. Really one
of the best attributes of Christ as his humility. This past week I've
been setting a few goals on how I can become the best missionary
possible with humility and love and charity so that when I get home I
can use what I learned to help me out in life. I love the mission so
much. Me and my comp really have come so far since the CTM.  This
week we both gave talks during sacrament meeting. It blows my mind
that a little bit ago we were not able to even speak but now we are
giving 10 minute talks in the language. I am so grateful for the
things I have learned here. This week our recent converts are loving
it and are and are participating more and more. This week was a blast!
Oh and on Friday and Saturday I think we walked over 26 miles. I feel
like I ran a marathon. Elder Meyer

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We forgot to turn off the water that was filling up the baptismal font

April 9

This week was incredible. I saw a lot of miracles. Felt the spirit
like crazy and a lot of good things happened. We had a chance to baptize
Hebert. Everything went smooth and we talked to his mom and dad
about his baptism and she thanked us and was so happy we got her son
on the right path. She was super grateful. I was so happy after. It
was classic. We forgot to turn off the water that was filling up the
baptismal font and a few minutes before the baptism we opened up the
door and the water was about to overflow. So we run behind and with
bucket started taking the water and throwing it out. We ended up
getting the whole church wet and my comp was running and slipped and
ate crap. It was hilarious! But after everything worked out and it
went smoothly.

I love the guys we baptized. They are seriously like amazing friends
that I would consider them to be my friends back home. All of our
recent converts are getting ready for the temple to go next month. And
most already received the priesthood. It is funny because the ward we
are in has baptized last year only three people and it's only three
weeks and we already put more than four in the water. The members are
loving us. And giving us tons of references. Also we had a powerful
lesson with a mom that is not active and has two kids that want to be baptized ansd want us to come work with them. But that's about it. Love, Elder Meyer

An amazing Easter being able to represent Jesus Christ

April 2

This week was a great one. We worked superhard and had some great
results. With conference in all it was perfect. We were able to
baptize someone and see the process of repentance work amazingly. We
thought and brought my boy Herbert to conference and was able to bring
all of our recent converts to church. To watch conference with us. It
was sure was not the  easiest thing because the church we watch
conference is super far and we only have our feet to get to everyplace
and during the day with people that walk so slow.  And I just
laughed it off how crazy it in when we were doing at work now. We
showed only an hour or so late. It's all paid off being able to listen
to our beloved prophet and apostles and going to piece that they give
off. It was an amazing Easter being able to represent Jesus Christ
being a missionary. It's something I will never forget. Our Savior is perfect
and so is our gospel. We just need to keep on grinding and do what is right
through the day and everything will work out in the end.
Conference helped me realize that. Also I become addicted to playing with
a Rubiks cube. Elder Meyer

It is amazing how far me and Elder Torgeson have come since the CTM

March 26, 2018

This week was a good one. So I was transferred to an area called Boa
Esperansa to be comps with my old comp in the CTM.  So I had to say
all the goodbyes and stuff. Which was hard, but I am for sure happy
with the work that was done in my old area. And it's in amazing people
that I will never forget. So I arrived here on Tuesday and we went
right to work. We had a lot of incredible miracles this week. I am
loving it here so far.

We were able to baptize Davey, Ryan, and Igor. And confirmed Joyce a
member. It was a great experience. I have already met some great
people that I love and consider family. We had some great meetings
with two wards to help out the missionary work. And it looks like
everyone is pumped. The bishop is 28 years old and super dope. He's
excited for the work to come. I live with six missionaries which is
nuts but super fun at the same time. It's also amazing how far me and
Elder Torgeson have come since the CTM. The last time we were together
we didn't even know the language or how to teach but now we are
kicking butt and ready to go. I'm excited for the next few months and
I'm excited to become a better person. Service is the most incredible
thing a person can do. One serving is when you feel the most
happiness. It is weird but it's true. The way Christ served is
something else!

Elder Meyer

Journal of Gratefulness

March 19, 2018

Another great week down. This week went perfect. We talked with a lot
of great new people and families. We went to work that's for sure. We
help this woman named JoAnna and a man named Judson and get ready to
get married. We had a meeting with our Pres which is always good and
super motivating. He is the man. After we always leave super pumped to

Sunday was awesome we had a few people go to church, but what was
amazing was that I saw my converts participating and loving every
minute. Gabi sing a song called peace in Christ which was beautiful. I
filmed it ha ha I love this week. We have transfers coming up this
week so let's see what will happen. But the thing I loved the most
about my week was with my president. He said our whole mission needs to
have a "journal of gratefulness"And every day we have to write about
all the good things that happen. I did just that this week. And it
moved my perspective even more on things. Love, Elder Meyer

We have the complete package

March 12, 2018 

Another great week. We had the opportunity to baptize Jazmin. It went
perfect. She was a little nervous but it went just fine. Ha ha. I
taught English this week for a bunch of people and it turned out
great. I learned some things in English that I never knew before.

We had a great turn out to church this week. We had people show up and
follow through on things. It was amazing and could not have been a
better week.

But it got better somehow. On Sunday night I finished the book of
Mormon. It took a bit, about a year and three months because I was
studying each chapter a lot. I read about one or two per day but
finally finished. And then I want to pray and see about the
truthfulness of it. But when I got on my knees I I already knew that
the book of Mormon is true, because of all the amazing feelings I had
throughout the past year reading it. My prayer that I said help me
understand, and confirm that it is true. Also when I was praying,
thoughts were racing through my head. Things like because the book is
true, we have the complete package. We have the truth, a prophet,
happiness, the Savior on our side, teaching, that everything we need
and lifetime for happiness and to return with our loving Father. With
faith in the book of Mormon, everything falls into place. That is
where I love it and that is why I am so grateful I had the chance to
read it and then I had the chance to teach people about something so