Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Whatever creature that moves, we talk to!

June 11, 2018

My week was amazing! SO to get started I was able to baptize a family that I was teaching in my other area, on the beach it was incredible! They forsure will be sealed in the temple this next year! Me and my comp found them knocking on there door late on night cause we saw a picture of christ and now they are members of the church! I was also able to complete another family baptizing a girl named beatriz! We met tons of amazing people and brought tons of people to church also! Our area seems to be having alot of succes! I couldnt be more happy! I am going all out these last five weeks to get the most out of every minute! Whatver person thats on the street whatver creature that moves we talk to! I love a scripture in Mosias 28:3 that talks a little bit about this. I hope everyone has a good week I will see you guys in a few! 

Last transfer! 6 weeks left!

June 4, 2018

You don't need money to be happy!

May 28, 2018

Whats up this week was great! We had a busy week but we were able to
baptize my man Jonas and his son named gulherme! They are awesome they
prepared a dinner for us the night before with the little money they
have! They would do anything to help another out its great! I love
what they are teaching me here! You dont need money to be happy if you
have your family and now they have the gospel in there lifes and so
its just getting better and better! We met some new great people this
week! A girl named emily that forsue was being prepared to meet us!
She told us she always wanted to talk to the missionaries cause she
also had a few doubts and she knew the moment when we talked with her
what we were teaching was true! It was a powerful lesson! We are
working super hard but havinga ton of fun! The mish is perfect!  I
hope you guys have an amazing week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Try and look for the positive things in life cause there really are so many things to be positive about!

May 21, 2018

This week was a great one! We were able to work aton and have a lot of success! We baptized a boy named Jonata and we were able to bring his family and a few others to watch the baptism! It was a great experience! We are working with his dad named jonas this week to have the same oppurtunity to be baptized! As well with his brother named Guilherme! We met a girl named Deborah this week while we were knocking on some doors around 930 we were out working till the last minute waiting for a miracle and what happened we met Deborah she loved the message and she loved church we are preparing her to be baptized this week also! We had finished our service project on saturday and after I had the chance to go back to my first area and watch a baptism of this young boy! It was so nice seeing how far I have come hahah and seeing all the members that met me when I was a new fresh missionary! They feel like I have been serving for years! We had some pretty powerul lessons as well with some of the recent converts we baptized! We taught the plan of salvation and other lessons a little bit more in depth for them so they could understand how beatiful of a message it really is and how much more our religion has to offer then any other religion! I love this work and I cant even really imagine how life will be back home! I hope everyone has an amazing week! Try and look for the positive things in life cause there really are so many things to be positive about! 

Love Elder Meyer

Service project!

May 14, 2018

So this week was great it was amzing talking to you guys! I am excited to see you guys in a bit! These pics here below are of a service project that we did we did yard work for six hours and i used a huge machatee to cut all the weeds it was sweet! Then he made a sweet dinner for us! with tons of shrimp! One of the best dinners I have had yet!! It was for sure a day to remember we also baptized a women named Vitoria it was great experience! Sorry for the short email but i have tons of pics and we talked alot yesterday Love you guys so much!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Just forget about yourself and serve others -your life can be changed!

Hey guys this week was great! It forsure was one of the busiest weeks
of my mission! We got everybody situated in their areas! And had
dinner in the presidents house with all the new and old missionaries
that just got here and that are leaving! And then we headed back to
our area to get to work! I met a lot of  great new people we are
working in the the city now which is super sweet! There are a few
super rich parts and a few poorer parts that are filled with favelas!
Its right on the beach so its not to hot and has an incredible wind!
This one area is on a hill and overlooks the ocean its so pretty! On
saturday we had a baptism! We baptized this women named Erline she is
25 and has two really cute girls! She needed the gospel in her life!
It forsure moved her life and will conitnue moving her life! Sunday
morning we also had the privalege to baptize on the beach a girl
called Stefany! We woke up bright and early 4 o clock in the morning!
And headed over to the beach! It was dumping rain but was so tight!
After the baptism we had to book it home to find people to bring to
church in the pooring rain it was one of the coolest experiences! Then
sunday night we came back to the office to work! And had a meeting
with Pres! It was great! I feel that I have lost my self in the work!
And there is no better feeling then this! I can promise you guys if you guys
 lose your self and really just forget about yourself and
serve others your life can be changed! Its a great feeling! A litle
bit more stressful but a lot more fun! I love you guys so much I hope
your week was amazing!

Elder Meyer


and sunday around four o clock I will be calling you guys to skype!


May 3, 2018