Monday, January 8, 2018

Finally, A Letter

Wow! what a week. I heard Thomas S Monson died. I was pretty sad, but he is in the best place now. We worked like crazy this week, and we know Tom hooked it up with the miracles.

We found some of the most amazing people to work with. And the first contact we were already talking about this one dude serving a mission. And then we found this other family that never heard of our church and was super excited to learn more about our church. Every person we talk to accepted the visit and was more than excited to learn other things.

I am in a trio again for I think my sixth time. Ha ha ha. It's amazing. Prez knows I am good with people and knows I can help so he hooks it up with the trios. We got our new companion and he will be ending his mission in three weeks so he is pretty tired, but we are pumping him up. I love competitions a lot so this week I told my comp if he does 50 squats I will buy him also acai. So he accepted, and did it. The next day was hilarious. He was not able to walk at all, even get out of bed. But, we still worked like crazy. Then the next day I told him if he ate three peppers that I found on the street I would buy him more a├žai. And guess what he did? He ate the peppers. He had like an allergic reaction and burnt his mouth like crazy.  It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. It reminded me when I did the Buffalo wild wing hot wing challenge. But we still worked.

And then our lunch today, we had to run pretty much for 45 minutes to get there on time, but after we had to run back to make it on time to have a meeting. My new comp is tired and almost burned out. Ha ha it's so funny. We are helping him end his mission on a good note. Church is true. Love,

Elder Meyer

Monday, December 11, 2017

Looking at Christmas in a whole other perspective

Wow what a wonderful week, another one for the books. This week I saw a lot of miracles. The first miracle was that we baptize Adrianne. She passed the interview with the Prez.  Her week was crazy. Satan was working super hard so that she wouldn't be baptized. Her brother was telling her if she was baptized she would have to move out and he started bringing up a lot of stuff that isn't true. She decided to leave the house and stay with her friend so she could be baptized. She also ended up getting sick. Nothings stopped her! She was baptized and it was super special. The other miracle came through obedience and diligence. We worked superhard this week and found amazing people to work with for this upcoming week. They also went to church and had a great time. I am also loving this Christmas time of year. There is nothing like being able to serve people and bring them the light of Christ. It may not look or feel like Christmas here because I am still sweating buckets and fried like a shrimp, but I can feel the Christmas spirit, the serving spirit and the loving spirit that Christ has for us. This week was perfect. I am so grateful to be able to look at Christmas in a whole other perspective.
Elder Meyer