Monday, November 20, 2017

Perfect Week

This week was amazing.  To start off with, everything went perfect.  Well almost everything.  This week we got loaded up with referrals.  We have awesome members in this branch, it’s pretty little but everyone is working super hard to have the Branch become a Ward.  We taught all of the referrals and they all came to church.  It was incredible and they loved it.  We had some great lessons.  But the best part was that we got a baptism and I got to baptize her.  Her name is Earliny and she is awesome.  We are working on marrying her mom and dad.  But I got to baptize her in a pool it was awesome and so refreshing.  She was super happy after the whole experience.  It was awesome.  Friday morning we woke her up and invited the members.  The thing is the pool is super far away.  But nobody cares and transport doesn’t exist.  So we got everyone walking for an hour in the sun with us.  Everyone was so cool about it.  It was super special.  For real this week was perfect.  

But, funny story.  So we were teaching this girl and it was a good lesson.  Everything was going just great with the spirit involved and everything.  We were sitting under a tree and during a good part of the lesson a giant walnut, or something I am not sure, fell from the giant tree and drilled me right in my manhood.  I fell to the ground gasping for air while the two girls and my comp were on the ground dying laughing at me.  It hurt and wasn’t funny during the moment but after it was a good laugh.  

But that’s how my week went.

Elder Meyer

Monday, November 13, 2017

Goodbye Melo and Adrianne

This week was transfers week.  I got a new companion named Elder Santin.  It was sad to say goodbye to Melo And Adrianne, but super nice to get Santin as a companion.  He has about the same time out on the mission as me and he is excited to work.  

This week was filled with miracles.  Everything went perfect.  We found amazing people to teach.  We found people that want to get married, and a lot of people that are interested in what we have to say.  And everyone that committed on coming to church with us went to church it was amazing cause normally everyone says yes but only a few will actually go.  

My companion told me that he is in heaven and wants to end his mission here.  My other comp Elder Melo about cried and got super, super upset when he was transferred cause he wanted to end his mish with me.  He was already planning on it and boom was transferred.  

We met this girl named Josi that lives alone with 3 kids and takes care of her mom that has a disease.  Her husband left her for another girl.  This week we found her and she told us she feels a lot of happiness when she is with us and that she wants her two sons to become members of the church so they can grow up and become good men.  It was super nice to see people actually touched by what we do and super receptive.  It was the best week on my mission.  Me and my comp this week had a zone meeting and we taught about how burdens can become light through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  And about how nothing compares to the atoning sacrifice and how everyone needs to stop complaining about transfers, companions, areas and the little things and just keep moving on and know that Jesus suffered just for us.  It was an awesome training, everyone for sure felt the spirit.  

I came a lot closer to my Father in Heaven this week.  I am super grateful for my opportunities to learn more and more each day and to share the only true and right path for the people of Brazil.  By the way my trainer went home this week and another thing I had a zit on my ear and an Elder popped it and then my ear swelled up a lot.

Elder Meyer

Monday, October 23, 2017

Eventful Week

What’s up guys.  Another fantastic week.  This week we had our interviews with the Pres which is always good.  You always feel better after the interviews, and a little bit more inspired to work.  

We had some great lessons this week that were all filled with the spirit.  We taught a few about the plan of salvation others about the restored gospel and lots about baptism.  We found lots of awesome investigators that are progressing rapidly.  

I love the people here they are all so willing to give food.  Almost every single person we teach offers us food.  Every person on the street we talk to offers water or something to drink.  It’s an incredible and humbling experience every week.  

We found this 22 year old girl this week that we started talking to that loves partying and drinking and stuff.  We walked in and started teaching her, it started off to look like she had no hope but we continued teaching and I think the spirit taught her and she felt something change and began to listen and by the end she was completely different with a whole other path and light in her life.  It was great.  

Oh, also my comp climbed a huge tree and found some monkeys and gave them a banana, it was classic.  Everyone looked at us like we were crazy.

Elder Meyer

Monday, October 16, 2017

Coolest Baptism Thus Far

Another fantastic week.  This week was a lot about serving others.  I really came a lot more unto Christ this week.  Started out with Tuesday, we were at this little store drinking coca cola and I was messing around with this little boy.  Then I began to talk with the mom of the baby.  We started talking, and I was telling her about our church and stuff.  I could tell she was super young and poor so I asked if she  needed anything at the store.  She said no.  We continued talking and then I had the urge to ask again if she needed anything and she said no again.  So I invited her to church, her and her little kids.  We got her address and everything.  But I had the urge to ask her again if she needed anything.  And this time she said yes.  And then we entered the little market and all she needed was a little packet of milk and diapers for her baby.  It was so humbling for me.  I felt so selfish and so spoiled after that, it hit me hard.  It really showed me how lucky I am and how easy my life is.  And how easy it is to be a missionary compared to a lot of the people’s lives here that are fighting to keep food on their plate.  After we met her me and my comp went to a place kind of like Costco to buy food for her and her family.  When we got to her house she was so grateful.  It was an incredible feeling I will never forget.

 The next day me and my comp were sitting under a tree after lunch waiting for an appointment.  When we saw this lady get off the bus all alone with tons of groceries that looked super heavy.  Me and my comp looked at each other and ran over and helped her.  She lived super far away too.  When we got to her house I was exhausted with how heavy they were.  There is no way in a million years she could have gotten home with all these groceries alone.  When we got to her house she was so grateful.  We got to meet her whole family.  She is a 32 year old mom with 5 kids and a husband that sells these cookie type of things on the street.  It was another amazing humbling experience.  After that we met this boy that is 9 years old that was selling these things called “salgados” on the street to help his mom out because her husband left her alone with 4 kids.  And they boy that’s 9 years old was left to work.  We taught them and they accepted to be baptized on the spot.  

Oh ya, by the way, I am in a trio again for my 4th time already, hahaha.  Me my comp got a call saying that there were a few problems going on in another zone with the zone leaders and a few other missionaries were having some sort of issues together so we got one of the zone leaders from a zone called Sousa with us now.  But it’s cool he is my buddy and he is going home in 3 weeks.  It’s been a blast so far with Melo and Adrianno.  

But Saturday was dope we baptized this dude called Janielson on the beach.  It started dumping rain haha.  It was for sure the coolest baptism thus far.  It was on a super pretty beach.  My area has some awesome beaches, haha.  Then a wave took Melo out and he lost his name tag.  It was classic.  After that we went out to work during the night and it started to rain.  And this 17 year old girl asked us if we wanted to wait in her house till it stopped.  So we ran in and we met her huge family of 6 and got to know them super well and they are pumped to learn more.  Also I gave a talk, confirmed two people and did some crazy suff like that Sunday.  It was an incredible week.

Elder Meyer

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sabado Branco

This week was dope.  First off I was transferred from my area in B.H. Meisoro to an area call Extremos in the capital.  It’s an awesome area, it is right by the beach and it’s pretty cold, but not really, it’s still super hot.  My companion is awesome, his name is Elder Melo.  He is a good funny dude we mess around a lot and it’s a blast.  The goodbyes were hard, it was a record breaking day with 7 people crying, but it’s OK, I loved B.H. with all my heart but I am ready to get to work here. 

Me and Melo found a lot of great people this week that came to church with us.  We baptized a lady named Maria Luiza which was great.  The area is great but a little complicated to get to church.  You have to take a bus or it’s a 1 and a half hours on foot.  But it’s chill it’s a new adventure.  Other thing, me and my comp are getting our Zone pumped to baptize.  We have a thing call “Sabado Branco” which is white Saturday.  We are trying to get everyone to get someone to baptize and our whole Zone will baptize on the beach or whoever has someone to baptize.  I am pumped it will be a blast.  I love the area and I am excited to get to work.

Elder Meyer

Monday, October 2, 2017

General Conference

October 2, 2017

Just another week filled with miracles.  So to start out after we baptized Tarcia and Laisla we found out that Gabriell their brother wanted to be baptized also.  So we got super excited about that.  We showed up at his house and he told us he wants to be baptized.  So we taught him everything he needs to know and was baptized on Friday.  The cool thing about him is he asked us for a Book of Mormon a few weeks back when we were teaching Tarcia when he wanted nothing to do with our church.  To later finding out he was reading the Book of Mormon without telling us and decided on his own that he wanted to be baptized was super special.  

And then Saturday was conference.  The Saturday was incredible as always.  Started out with Uchtdorf and ended with Holland – you can’t get much better than that.  And then Sunday came around.  I got woken up to a phone call from Max, one of the members in our ward saying that someone needs to talk to us.  So we found out who, his name is Lucas.  He is the man.  He was struggling with some stuff, relationship problems and wanted a new start.  So we talked with him and made him feel better by talking to him about Christ and we ended up committing him to be baptized on the same day.  Later in the day after the first session he was baptized.  It was awesome.  He is the man and baptism is what he needed.  It was such a special moment to see someone that dope, like he is the man, come unto Christ and humble himself in the Lord’s eyes.  That was my super blessed week.  

Elder Meyer

Homies at Zone Conference

September 25, 2017

This week was a killer week.  To start off the week we had Zone Conference which was dope cause I got to see all the homies from other areas in the interior.  And our President gave a sweet talk about the Book of Mormon that I truly did love.  After the conference we went on splits and found some pretty good people to teach.   

Friday our water returned to our house.  Our water decided to go missing for 2 weeks and decided to return to our house on Friday, so I took a shower for the first time in a while and washed my clothes and the dishes, haha.  For the past few weeks I was taking showers with bottled water that I bought on the street.  It was funny.  

Also this week I found a new cool place to eat acai called Acai Street.  I ended up getting addicted and ate acai for 4 nights straight.  It’s cause they have Nutella there and I love Nutella.  And Nutella with acai is incredible.  And then this Saturday Tarcia and Laiesta had their baptism interviews and passed and Sunday came and they were baptized, it was an awesome event.  I love them and their family so much. 

It was such an incredible week.  Everything worked out so well.  We put so much faith into the Lord this week it was unreal.  And Sunday at church we had a bunch of people show up which is always a good feeling.  Great week to be a missionary.

Elder Meyer