Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Believe I Was Put in the Hottest Place on Earth for a Reason

September 18, 2017

This week hauled right by again.  We worked a lot this week with our investigators, and they have been progressing really well.  But nothing too special happened other than when we were in church and we were talking about how families can be together forever and our investigators got super into it and loved what they heard.  We had a girl named Tarcia that came to church for the first time and loved it.  We have her set-up to be baptized this Saturday and Priscilla is always helping with missionary work, she brought a friend to church and is always explaining to everyone about our church.  It’s awesome she was only baptized a few months ago and Jaihe, the other girl we baptized, is already giving classes during Sunday School.  She taught for an hour today about fasting.  It’s incredible how much they have progressed.  

The mission is crazy hard and I still truly believe that I was put here on the hottest place on earth for a reason.  I am so grateful for all of my learning opportunities as a missionary.  

Sorry for the short letter and no pictures.  Nothing too interesting happened this fine week.

Elder Meyer

Monday, September 11, 2017

So this week was good. We ended up meeting some great people and have a bunch of people progressing. All of our investigators accepted to be baptized and accepted the gospel in their lives.

Something pretty crazy happened this week. So, I think it was about nine yesterday morning. We were in the middle of our personal study and all of a sudden, we heard six gunshots and a woman screaming. We kind of looked at each other like what happened? So, we walked out front of our house and saw a bunch of people running and some dude with three bullet wounds in his thigh hop in a car and speed to the hospital. I think the dude that got shot must be into drugs or something like that. And it was funny because like five minutes after everyone is back in the daily routine. The neighbors went back to cleaning their yards and the families continued on walking their morning walk. And it was like nothing happened.

 And then this week we talked about with six people that are all 13-14  years old and they started sitting there with and telling us about their depression and some of them cut themselves.

Missionaries see about everything, and get to help. It is great knowing that God is with you all these situations and He is the one doing the talking all of the time. But, that that is how my week went. A little strange, but for sure a week for the memories.


Elder Meyer

Monday, September 4, 2017

This week was a good one but for sure different. So to start off I got a call from President saying that he needed my help with the new American missionary. The new missionary is from Alaska and he's had some health issues since he has gotten here. So I was asked to stay and help him this week and to see what he was experiencing. It was only his second week so he really didn't know any of the language so it was pretty funny to help him. But I got with him and realize that he has pretty bad asthma. And it was just getting worse and worse in the heat. So every day we talked with doctors and the pres and other people to keep them updated. I learned a lot from him this week. I learned a lot about the culture of Alaska. But, in the end, they decided it was best if he were back to the city and try working there where the air quality is better. So he went back to the city. But it didn't really help, who he is going back home to Alaska. It was pretty sad to see, but he is a happy dude so I'll work out.

But, now for me, I will be in a trio until who knows when. But it is great because I have double the amount of investigators to work with. And we found a ton of good people to work this week and  I am excited. But that's how my week pretty much went.

Elder Meyer

Monday, September 4, 2017

Can't wait to see the all miracles God has in store for me

August 28, 2017-

Part 3 of the training sesh.  So this week I found out I will be training another new missionary for the 3rd time in 3 consecutive transfers.  It’s going to be great.  I have already worked with him for about 3 days and realized he for sure is the most quiet of the 3, but it will be great.  

So this week Andreza committed to be baptized which was dope and another boy named Jorgie.  So we will be baptizing them this Sunday.  Andreza was awesome she accepted to be baptized after the first lesson and Jorgie also.  It was for sure a miracle after working so hard last transfer and not seeing the results I was looking for.

Other than that nothing else really happened other than I stayed in the same area and I ate McDonald’s for the first time in a few months which was good.  I really am looking forward to cranking out another transfer in this area.  And can’t wait to see all the miracles God has in store for me.

Elder Meyer

Birthday week!

August 21, 2017-

To start out, this week was great.  My birthday ended on a crazy good note.  We celebrated all Sunday and Monday, then Tuesday was my year mark and then today some members are setting up a little fiesta for me.  I love the people here.  They hook it up fat for birthdays.  I feel like everybody in the town knew it was my birthday.  It was classic, we were walking down the street and this girl that works in a restaurant shouted out my name and said “parabens” (congratulations).  Then two different groups of people threw a surprise party for me, it was funny.  

It was a great week to be real.  But the best part was when me and my comp got stopped by a lady in the middle of the street and she told us to go and talk with her daughter.  So we went and met her daughter.  She is super cool.  She is 24 and a physical therapist.  And so we started talking with her about everything and long story short, she came to church with us and loved it and was super interested the whole time so we are planning on getting her lined up for baptism for the end of this week.  It was the miracle of the week for sure.  And so we found our golden investigator after a few weeks of hard work.  

By the way, thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I loved it.  But that’s how my week went.

Elder Meyer

The complaints about walking stopped

August 14, 2017-

Well, I am 20 years old and have been out for 1 year on the mish.   My birthday was dope, woke up at 6 to go to each of our investigators homes to bring them to church.  No one wanted to go, so no one ended up coming.  After church our lunch fell through, so we had nowhere to eat.  But luckily enough one of our recent converts hooked it up fat with some couscous, hahaha I wore a pair of flip flops, and then later tonight we will head to one of the elder’s houses to have a BBQ and play cards and sleep there.  So I am hoping the night will be pretty fun.  

Also, I have been out a year.  The fastest year of my life.  But the same time the longest year of my life.  I am not going to lie, it was for sure not the best year of my life but it was the year I learned the most and became the closes to Christ.  

But any ways this week nothing really happened other than one thing.  Me and my comp found this dude that is paralyzed from the waist down.  He is 19 and in a wheelchair and one of the coolest guys I have ever met.  When he was 12 he got shot and became paralyzed.  We found him when we were walking down his street, he was just chilling out front.  So we began to talk with him and we heard his story.  It was awesome and humbled me so much.   I was always complaining about walking but when I met him the complaining stopped because he would kill to walk again.  But that was my week.

Elder Meyer

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Goals this Week

August 7-

Another great week of sweat, hard work and more sweat.  It’s already hot enough here but for some reason it’s getting hotter which I did not think was possible.  For some reason this week, when I was sweating buckets and almost dying of heat stroke, I thought about Jamba Juice and remembered all the good times there.  So who ever is reading this do me a favor and go buy yourself a Jamba and enjoy it, haha.
But anyways, we worked a lot this week.  We had a goal of contacting over 150 people and challenging 30 to be baptized.  We ended the week with contacting 170 people and 40 challenges to be baptized.   But with our luck only a few came to church.  It was classic.  We found 7 boys that are all over 12 years old and they came with us to church, it was funny.  Out of the 170 people we invited, everyone agreed to come, but most didn’t show up.  It’s funny cause everyone wants Christ in their lives but they want an easy way and don’t want to go to church they just want to hear our lessons.  We taught like crazy.  We taught 8 people who lost a family member recently, about the plan of salvation, and all 8 understood and loved our message but their pridefulness took over and they didn’t want to accept our religion, cause they are catholic but don’t even practice.  And our best investigators, Nayada and Angelo had a bunch of great questions during our lessons.  We taught them everything with so much spirit.  They love our church and love us and have so much desire to be baptized.  But they just need a few more days to make the final decision.  So we decided to fast for them.  Me and my comp thought everything would go perfect cause we fasted for them and almost died of thirst.  Sunday arrived and boom, they didn’t even come to church.  I don’t know if it’s just me or God likes to work in mysterious ways.  We spent the week with them,  them telling how much they love us, the spirit they feel with us, and then almost crying every time we left.  We decided to do a good thing and the opposite of what I wanted happened.  Haha, I don’t know what he is teaching me but it’s definitely something.
But that’s how my week went.  I love being a missionary and I love the struggles that come along with it.

Elder Meyer