Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lucked Out With Elder Frios

Transfers happened and I stayed in Mossoro.  My comp left and I got another brand new guy named Elder Frois from Sao Paulo.  He is a great guy, smart, funny, spiritual and everything.  He got here and we went right to work.  He works like he’s already been out a year.   And teaches amazing already, I really lucked out.  And at the same time we have a good time and just roast each other and laugh.

We saw so many miracles this week it was insane.  We put in so much work with faith and happiness and everything seemed to work out perfectly.  We had some of the most spiritual lessons, more than I have ever had during my mission.  We both set some goals this week to become better missionaries and to be more obedient.  I am pumped for the next week to see what our goals have in store for us.  

This week we found this couple, they are about 25 years old and super awesome people.  We went to their house one day and began teaching them about the restored gospel.  They were so interested and were telling us how they are looking for a true church cause they already went through other churches and didn’t like what the other churches had.  They became so interested that they wanted us to teach all the lessons at one time.  But we didn’t have enough time so we set another time to stop by.  I have never seen anyone so interested in my life.  It was amazing and super spiritual.  

And then Sunday we were able to confirm our baptism which was awesome.

Elder Meyer

Priscilla's, Jaine's, and Leo's Baptism

July 10-

For sure a week to remember.  It’s the last week of the transfer and me and Alves ended off on a good note.  We were privileged enough to baptize Priscilla, Jaine and Leo which was fun.  No better feeling then baptizing during the mish.  And seeing them come unto Christ more and more each day.  It was an awesome experience.  

Priscilla’s mom made a cake for her baptism that was incredible.  The cake had little dolls that she made by scratch.  The dolls were me and Alves baptizing her.  It was the coolest thing ever.  She’s not even a member but she will be baptized, is what she told me when I asked her.  I asked her if I could baptize her during my time in this area and she accepted. 

But the baptism was so special.  They are some of the most elite people I have met thus far on my mish.  God for sure prepared them before I met them.  It was a super great way to end this transfer.  Leo’s baptism was a little bit more complicated.  It took him 3 transfers to decide to get baptized.  He finally decided to be baptized this week.  So we baptized him and confirmed him a member of the Church.  Later to find out we didn’t baptize him correctly cause we forgot to add Dos Santos to his name.  So the next day we had to baptize him again.  And at first he didn’t accept it but later in the day he accepted after we explained how Christ is perfect and how he was baptized showing his example and how we need to be baptized how he was without any mistakes.  It was great we baptized him again.   

And that was how the week went.

Elder Meyer

Friday, July 7, 2017

It's Not About Time, it's About what you do with your Time

Another stellar week here in Mossoro. We have Priscilla and her cousin lined up for baptism this Saturday. And my boy Leo also. It will be a great way to end this transfer. Next week we already have transfers, so who knows what will happen.  I for sure wanna stay because I have only been here for one transfer. The area and people are amazing. I am getting to know the area and people super well!

The mission is flying by. Time here amazes me. It isn't even about the time now. It is about what you do with your time. I only have one year left to give my everything to these wonderful people of Brazil. Man I love these people. Even though they make me frustrated as ever when they say they will come to church and don't end up coming. I love them to death. It is the craziest thing ever!
Every single person here will let you in and have a full blown conversation with you.

This week we met a guy on the street and he let us in to talk with him. He was telling us about his problems with work, and how he had a big decision to make. And we gave him some advice and he took it, and I think it worked out.

Also, this week we ate pizza again, but I didn't throw up. What a miracle!  I also interviewed a few more people for baptism and it turned out well. Haha-the life of a missionary is tiring, but so rewarding!

I am super jealous the fam went to Powell. So we bought some Roman candles and lit them off. This was my week.

Elder Meyer

Heartbreakers and a Miracle

I blinked and this week was over. Special shout out to Max and Irene! This week really did fly by. I had a few great moments and a few heartbreaking moments and one miracle.

The great moments were on Friday I got to interview for people for their baptisms. We don't have any transportation so me and my comp left one area and headed out on a journey to another city to find the people we needed to interview! It took about two hours on foot to get there. But when we got there I had a great experience interviewing these people. And seen their great faith and enthusiasm to take the next step and be baptized. My faith through seeing this people that have such a little knowledge about our church but are so excited to learn more about their Savior.

Then after our journey and interviews we got a call from the sisters. Saying they needed some help with their investigators. So we went and found them and headed over to the investigators house. We made friends with them and taught him a little with the sisters. He excepted baptism, I interviewed him on the spot and then got his moms signature. It all went so smoothly, later I found out that the sisters were super nervous because the mom is super Catholic and that she wouldn't let her son be peptized. Ha ha but I walked back all confidently and boom, she signed the paper with ease. It was great!

Then Sunday was a heartbreaking day. Because we are teaching about 28 people right now and every single one of them agreed to go to church. So, Sunday morning we woke up at 6:00 AM and went to wake all them up and bring them to church. And that one was awake or in town or wanting to go because it's a holiday. Me and my comp headed to church feeling worthless as ever. We arrived in church and went to sacrament meeting and sat there for about a half an hour. Deep down I knew a miracle wascwaiting to happen. And boom, I looked out the window and saw one of our investigator showing up. It was one of our investigators that I least expected. It was a special miracle. But that's how my week went. Until next week.

Elder Meyer

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

10 Months Out!!

This week was a good one, Elder Borges came to my area this week and we did splits for the week.  It was fun to catch up with him.  We found some great new investigators this week.  A boy named Douglas that we invited to church showed up at our house 7 am ready to go.  He showed up even before I was ready, haha.  It was definitely different, cause normally we will go to every investigator’s house and wake them up, they sometimes will make an excuse and not go, but not him.  He showed up ready.  It was for sure the miracle of the week.  He is a super cool kid too.  

This week I completed 10 months in the field serving so we went out to eat all you can eat pizza and all you can drink juice.  We went out with my district and had a competition.  I ended up leaving so full I ran behind a dumpster and threw up.  Everyone was laughing it was super funny cause normally I will never throw up.  Then we went home in a taxi and I was fake throwing up the whole time messing with the taxi driver, it was super funny.  It was for sure a day to remember.  

Also this week I got offered to be a girl’s boyfriend but unfortunately I declined again, hahaha, and then explained why we can’t date girls for two years.  Then Sunday I gave a talk in church.  I talked about missionary work in the ward and how we all need to come together like a family and work hard together to help our ward grow.  I forgot I had to give a talk until Saturday night after 10:30.  I was laying in bed and remembered so I winged it.  I think it turned out well.  

Elder Meyer

Mossoro Really is Blessed

Amazing week!  This week we taught Priscilla every single day.  She ended up liking it so much she invited two friends and her parents to listen.  Now we got them all lined up and prepared for baptism.  Mossoro really is blessed and has a ton of people that are prepared to meet missionaries, and receive the restored gospel in their lives.  We also have another boy that is prepared and will be baptized next week.  Before I got to this area other missionaries were working with this boy.  But he never ended up getting to church with them in 7 weeks.  Then we showed up and made friends with him.  He ended up going to church with us and accepting baptism on the spot.  Which was great.  

Me and my comp are getting along great.  We are always laughing and joking around.  But when we teach we use the spirit.  It’s going great, I am loving every minute here.  We found a family of 12 to teach this week, that are super interested and then another older couple that is interested too.  It will be a great week.  We’re going to talk to all of them about baptism then try and commit them all to be baptized next week, it will be great.  The family of 12 we found has a girl that is 16 and her mom already lined me up to be her boyfriend.  I had to explain why I can’t be her boyfriend, haha it was funny.  

Also, I love competitions.  So I got the whole zone in on a competition.  It’s funny I always have the other elders competing against me trying to win something.  I only lost one competition this week and it was Verjo this giant elder, it was who could eat 1 liter of acai the fastest.  I barely lost but I am coming back this week ready to win, hahaha.  But that’s about all that happned.

Until next week.

Elder Meyer

Monday, June 5, 2017

Transfers and Awesome Week

Awesome week!  Don't even know where to start. But, I will start here.  I got transferred to another area called Belo Horizonto in Mossoro with a new elder named Elder Alvec.  The goodbyes were hard.  I spent 5 months working there so I became really close with the whole ward/city.  I say city because I now know every single person on every single corner in the city about.  The sisters that are now working there told me every person they see asks about me and what happened and where I went. And most are pretty depressed I left.  haha.  It is nice to know this because it means I did a little good.  But now it is over and I am in a new area. And let me tell you, I am loving the new area! It has only been 5 days, but I can tell the work will be great here. The only thing I ever heard about Mossoro was, "Mossoro is hot". Now that I am here, I can tell you it is hot,  I think it might be the hottest place on the planet. But it is cool- I am enjoying it.  You wake up sweaty, sleep sweaty, shower sweaty, study sweaty, but is is all part of the adventure.  

We found a girl this week named Priseta. She is 21 and is awesome.  She came to church with us and will be baptized this week. She loved church and loved learning from us this week.  She invited her mom and dad to join in the lessons next week, and we plan on inviting them to be baptized, also. 

But that wasn't even the best part of the week.  The best part of the week was that an apostle came and spoke with us.  It was Russell M. Nielsen.  It was super good.  He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and family history and our lineage.  He also talked a lot about exact obedience.  It was great and super spiritual.  He bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and it made perfect sense.  Every little word he said was inspired by God.  I loved it. I was pretty tired, but  I loved it.  

It was super fun, too, because the night before the apostle, everyone in our zone went to the same church at 9:00 at night.  Because our bus would be leaving the church at 7:00 in the morning.  So everyone went to the church and we played cards and games practically all night.  Then drove five hours to the Capitol to watch Russel M. Nielsen speak.  Then I got to catch up with all the other missionaries from our mission- which is alway a good time. Then we drove back 5 hours and got to work again.  

This week was dope.  I love the mission, I love sweating, and I love apostles.  Every moment of every day Deus has planned for us.  So just keep walking down the right path and everything will work out.  

Elder Meyer