Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Best Week Yet

This week was real! The week started off great with another visit to the beach on Monday. For me, if you start the week off with a good p-day the rest of the week will be good.  And this week was incredible. We taught literally 45 lessons this week. We found a less active member that hasn't gone to church in 6 years, we found 8 new investigators and brought them to church and they all accepted to be baptized next week, we met a guy that lived in Texas for 25 years and we made a contact in English.  It was so hard and so awkward for me asking the same kind of questions in English.  But the most special part of the week was the baptism of Selma and Milton.  They were so happy after and so pure.  Baptism is incredible.  The cleanliness you can see and feel in a person after they are baptized is like nothing else. They are literally reborn and the most innocent, clean people on earth for that special moment.  My testimony grew a lot this week for the amount of love God has for his missionaries and for the people here.  Everything was set up perfectly for us  In order, moment by moment.  It was the best week of my mission by far.  Lost myself in the work that's why I think this week was so fast.  And then we ended the week, yesterday playing Phase 10 for 4 hours. Hahaha.

Elder Meyer

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Two weeks of letters:

March 13-

This week was crazy fast.  It’s the last week of the transfers.  It feels like I got here yesterday.  But who knows that will happen this transfer.  I am expecting it to be good but who knows?  

We started out the week by making french toast for breakfast, me and Elder Stewart.  I think we are making a tradition, we both will make french toast every p-day for the rest of our mission.  It will be a blast.  

This week was a successful week for teaching.  We taught like 6-8 lessons a day.  We have some really good investigators that are progressing well.  It’s funny cause everywhere we will have like 20 people legitimately committed to going to church then you show up at their house on Sunday and they’re either “sick”, “traveling” or “working”.  It’s always a lame excuse.  But hey, at least we are doing our part, the people do have agency to choose.  And we are teaching and working like crazy.  I do love the fact that everyone is so open and every street contact you make results  into a lesson in their house the next day.  And we are here making 25 contacts per day.  Haha, anyways I realized something funny today.  Before my mission I could hardly stand the thought of church for 3 hours 1 day a week.  And now I am here preaching 24/7, and going to 6 hours of church every Sunday (2 different sessions for our investigators).  But every week I am starting to enjoy church more and more.  It’s weird to me, but whatever, I am maturing somewhat,  haha.  

Until next week,
The Swassmaster!  Elder Meyer.

March 20-

This week started out fantastic!  We went to this beautiful beach with sand dune s that drop right into the water.  And I got to snowboard and sled down the dunes, since I missed snowboard season of course.  We went with the stake president of our stake.  He is one of the best guys I have ever met in my life.  He picked us up and took us straight to get ice cream and then to the beach.  But during the ride he turned on a dope playlist of all the music I like and of the new stuff we are missing back home.  It was an amazing day to start off an amazing week. 

And then the next day we had transfers and my comp got transferred and I am staying in the same area.  But I got a new comp named Elder Cain from Florida.  Funny thing is he was companions with Evan Davies in the MTC in Provo.  What a small world!  What else is funny is you got two novenios (new guys) walking around the streets of Natal putting in absolute work.  We taught 35 lessons in 4 days and have baptisms marked for the next up-coming weeks.  Haha, I have no idea how it happened but it did.  We both have a lot to learn with the gospel and the language so we are very upfront with people.  But it seems to be working, haha.  And drunk guys love asking us questions about Trump.  It’s classic cause I don’t know anything about him.  

Any ways a cool experience happened this week.  We are teaching this girl named Selma and a man named Milton.  We have been teaching them every day and have been questioning about baptism because Selma was already baptized as a baby.  And people that have already been baptized don’t think they need to be baptized again, haha.  But we were at her house Saturday doing literally everything we could possible do to persuade her.  It was the most spiritual lesson of my mission thus far.  When we ended the lesson we threw out the question one more time.  I had a 110% chance she would say yes and she said “No, I don’t want to be baptized again.”  When she said that my heart dropped and I was so, so sad for her.  We left the house absolutely devastated.  I didn’t know it was possible for one to love or have as much love as I have for that family we were teaching, but I do!  I learned a lot from that lesson.  I learned that missions really are for missionaries to have these experiences so we can gain that firm testimony to help our future families stay strong in the church and to never fall away.  But here is the good part of the story.  We went back to her house Sunday morning to get her and her son for church.  And she said “Nos decidimos, que queremos ser batiza dos, era hoje nos en nos possa ir hoje” (we decided we want to be baptized, we wanted to be baptized today but I can’t go to church today).  My heart dropped of pure joy when I heard this and I couldn’t speak.  She said when we are with her she feels different, some sort of peace and comfort.  God works in incredible ways.  

Until next week!  
Elder Meyer

Thursday, March 9, 2017

3 Americans And a Brazilian

So this week was good.  P-day started out great.  We woke up at 9:30 am to go play soccer in the city with a bunch of missionaries.  It was so dope.  We were in the middle of playing and a huge rain storm came in but we kept playing through the storm.  It was the best day of soccer of my life for sure.  Then P-day night we received another American in our house.  So we now have 3 Americans and 1 Brazilian.  I had to say bye to my homie from Mexico cause he got transferred.  It's funny cause we have 3 Americans in the house yet I still haven't heard a word of English yet.  Anyways it's still a good time.

On Tuesday I got to take a new missionary from Africa around which was fun.  Then Saturday me and Demars got a lecture for an hour and a half about the Bible and how the Book of Mormon is wrong.  We only got about 3 words in.  It's funny cause this guy was saying all this stuff that he looked up and took notes on about how the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith are false. Hahaha, it was so annoying and only strengthened my testimony about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith more.  We were going to baptize his son cause his son has a desire to be baptized, but the dad won't sign the baptismal papers cause he's so evangelistic.  

Anyways, I learned that if you can throw a football more than 15 feet you are a legend.  One Brazilian missionary has a football and I launched it as far as I could and literally everyone was amazed cause I think it was the first time they saw such a thing, haha.  Wow great week right!

Elder Meyer