Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Best Week Yet

This week was real! The week started off great with another visit to the beach on Monday. For me, if you start the week off with a good p-day the rest of the week will be good.  And this week was incredible. We taught literally 45 lessons this week. We found a less active member that hasn't gone to church in 6 years, we found 8 new investigators and brought them to church and they all accepted to be baptized next week, we met a guy that lived in Texas for 25 years and we made a contact in English.  It was so hard and so awkward for me asking the same kind of questions in English.  But the most special part of the week was the baptism of Selma and Milton.  They were so happy after and so pure.  Baptism is incredible.  The cleanliness you can see and feel in a person after they are baptized is like nothing else. They are literally reborn and the most innocent, clean people on earth for that special moment.  My testimony grew a lot this week for the amount of love God has for his missionaries and for the people here.  Everything was set up perfectly for us  In order, moment by moment.  It was the best week of my mission by far.  Lost myself in the work that's why I think this week was so fast.  And then we ended the week, yesterday playing Phase 10 for 4 hours. Hahaha.

Elder Meyer

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