Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Conference Week

This week was dope! But, so unusually fast. We baptized Mathers and Davi after the first session of conference.  It was special.  They were nervous at first,but after they were so happy.  It was cool though cause our stake president is awesome and set up a T.V. for all the American missionaries to watch conference in a nice, cold room with air conditioning.  It was so spiritual, not going to lie.  It's ten times better in English.  When you can hear their voices and the amount of love you can feel when speak is amazing. 

 I noticed a lot about this session.  They focused a lot on love and caring for others.  That is what I have been doing a lot more lately, and we are having a lot more success.  My other companion was trying to make me to be someone I am not, and I know that is why we had no success.  Now that I can be myself again, we are having the best time with 10 times more the amount of success. Anyway, just be yourself.  There is a reason God gave us our personalities.

But, conference was amazing and super spiritual.  Selma told me she got the chills when she saw all the members in the conference center in Utah.  She tells me all the time her and her son will frequent our church forever until they die.  Haha. It's cool!  

Today we played American football with all the Brazilados.  You can imagine how that went. Haha.  Anyways, this week was dope.  Aste pox semana!  Amo voces!  

Elder Meyer

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