Monday, April 24, 2017

Blessings are so real

Another incredible week.  Monday started off cool.  We got a call from a member telling us we need to hurry over to her house because her friend was having a seizure.  Problem is we don’t have a car, we only have our feet.  So that meant we needed to run.  We booked it to her house, normally it’s a 30 minute walk.  We got there in five minutes and were able to give her a blessing.  Amazing thing about blessings is that they are so real.  She went from having a seizure to not being able to move or talk, to barely talking and moving her body, and finally to sitting up and talking perfectly fine all within about 40 minutes.  It was an incredible experience I won’t ever forget.  We ended up spending the day at the house and they made us dinner and everything.  After that the week flew by.

I got like a body rash this week that covered my whole upper body.  So we went to get it checked out and the doctor told me it’s because of the sun, sweating, humidity and the clothes we are using, haha, just perfect, right.  He told me it will never leave me in 2 years and I should be serving in Alaska.  Haha, then we went back home I said a little prayer and now I am perfectly fine without any little rash.  It’s crazy.  

And that is how my week went.  I love being a missionary.  Best thing to ever happen to me.

Until next week.

Elder Meyer

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