Monday, April 24, 2017

Tragedy Strikes

Wow interesting but unbelievable week.  This week started out great, normal routine, normal days of missionary work.  And then Friday hit.  And something happened that I would never in my life expect to happen.  The place where we live has a pool and some members live here too so they decided to have a pool party with all the people 18 and older.  So as that was going on we were returning from lunch and we saw an ambulance.  And we thought oh probably nothing, cause I have already seen thousands.  But as we were walking in we saw a member and asked what happened.  And he told us a kid in our ward died.  I didn’t understand at first so I asked him to repeat and so he repeated and said the same thing.  So we booked it to the back where the pool is and we saw a ton of our ward members shocked and crying and as we were walking back we passed the kid’s body who died.  I went into a little bit of shock cause that morning we talked to him and he was so happy and excited to be there.  We had no idea what to do so I pulled all the boys in that were there and we said a prayer.  A prayer for comfort and peace for us and for the family of the boy.  The boy that passed away in the pool has problems with seizures.  He ended up having a seizure in the pool and drowned.  It was horrible, but there are only good things that came out of what happened.  The boy who died went inactive for 6 months and 2 weeks ago we saw him and we talked to him about church and returning to church.  He ended up returning to church for the last two Sundays and ended up going to all the activities happy as ever.  And then he passed away this Friday.  What I learned from this was that God has a purpose for all of us and the purpose for this boy was to return to church and to return to live with God again.  He went to heaven on a good note.  

Another thing happened was that we are teaching one of his good friends named Jonas.  Jonas was devastated when he found out but we taught Jonas and his family about the plan of salvation and how his friend is so happy right now.   So this Sunday Jonas was baptized, and Jonas is now happy as ever knowing he will see his good friend again.  

One more sad but cool thing that happed with this experience was one guy in our ward that lives in the same apartment complex as us was having a super hard time with what happened because he threw the swim party.  So his wife called me and asked us if we could give him a blessing cause he hasn’t slept in two nights.  He looked so incredibly tired.   After the blessing we went to church and he showed up perfectly, not tired one bit, and so happy.  It was beautiful.  That was my week.

Elder Meyer

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