Friday, May 5, 2017

New Comp - Now a Trio

This week was transfers, and I am staying another transfer in Nova Cidade.  I am excited cause we are doing some good work in this area.  I am staying with the same comp but we got a surprise call saying that we will be in a trio with an Elder that is finishing his mission this transfer and that we will have sisters in our area now too.  For the first time ever our area will have sisters.  This week we spent a lot of time showing the sisters around, showing them the dangerous areas, areas they can work and should not.  All the members are pumped to finally have sisters, it’s funny.  

So, funny thing about the new Elder in our trio is this past week during P-day me and my comp went to anther zone to play soccer, and me being my competitive self, almost got into a fight with another Elder cause he was slide tackling everyone on my team and with my luck I am in a trio with him, haha.  It was awkward at first but now it’s chill.  I have only had to tell him a “few” times that there are still people in our house that are still serving missions.  But now we are homies, haha. 

So, a little bit more about my week.  My favorite family in the world got married and baptized this week.  It was their wedding and it was so special and spiritual.  Vero completely stopped smoking and drinking and is loving the Church and Josianne is so happy to be baptized and a member now.   After about 4 ½ months of teaching and stopping by their house their wedding happened and they are now members.  It was dope.  And that’s how my week went.

Elder Meyer

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