Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day

So another stellar week.  First off I got to talk with the fam again.  The second time on the mish.  Incredible as always.  I wasn’t having that hard of a time speaking English this time for some reason.  It was awesome catching up.  Only two more skype sessions and I will be headed home.  Haha.  

Anyways, a little more about this week.  My and Elder Cain's baby companion that we were taking care of, got transferred to another area to finish his mission, because he got caught using his personal cell phone, hahaha!  So with our luck he got transferred, but just with our luck again we received another missionary to watch over that will be finishing his mission also this transfer.  He is a little bit better than the other one, but not my much.  But I am super good friends with him so it’s cool.  We ended up working pretty hard this week and baptized 3 boys named Jose, Rikilme, Ruan which was special.  We found them in a more poor area, one day I was talking with the mom of Rikilme, and she was so grateful for us.  Because we will help her boys stay off the streets by bringing them to Church and activities.  It was super humbling seeing 3 boys very excited to be baptized and stay in the Church.  We are also working on marrying his mom and dad, so that they can become members too.  

I also finished the Book of Mormon and received a peaceful answer that it’s true.  

That’s how my week went.

Elder Meyer

Friday, May 12, 2017

Full time babysitters and Irma got baptized!

Another incredible week.  Me and Elder Cain have become full time babysitters this week.  We have to babysit our other companion that’s heading home in 25 days.  Not going to lie, it’s like taking care of a stubborn 4 year old, hahaha.  But it is great I am learning a lot about patience and hard work. 

Anyways, this week we baptized Daniel and Irma Fransisca.  Irma Fransisca was a very spiritual experience for me.  I got to interview her then baptize her.  But her story touches me and her faith changed me.  She’s an overweight 70 year old that decided she needed to follow her family and be baptized in our church.  She has tons of health problems and has lots of problems in her life.  But she decided to follow Christ and be baptized.  I got to share a message before her baptism, and I started getting a little emotional in front of all the ladies in our ward that were watching her baptism.  Then I got to baptize her.  The second after her baptism she looked at me and started bawling and said how when she came out of the water she felt a shock from head to toe and she told me she was cured and how God cured her.  It was special.  Then the next day in testimony meeting I bore my testimony on how she made my faith grow.  I said how she can’t even walk but she had the faith and trust in me to baptize her.  It was funny cause I was getting shout outs from the people bearing their testimonies saying how gentle and incredible it was.  Haha it was a very spiritual week.  Then Sunday we baptized Daniel.  He’s chill.

I learned a lot about the love Christ has for his children on earth.  This week I studied a lot about the attributes of Christ, in Preach my Gospel, and it truly brought me closer to Christ.  I recommend studying it if you have a chance.  

Oh ya, my boy Ruan and his bro came to church.  I told them we are going to baptize him on the beach.  So I am expecting this to happen within the next few weeks.  But that’s about all.

Elder Meyer

Friday, May 5, 2017

New Comp - Now a Trio

This week was transfers, and I am staying another transfer in Nova Cidade.  I am excited cause we are doing some good work in this area.  I am staying with the same comp but we got a surprise call saying that we will be in a trio with an Elder that is finishing his mission this transfer and that we will have sisters in our area now too.  For the first time ever our area will have sisters.  This week we spent a lot of time showing the sisters around, showing them the dangerous areas, areas they can work and should not.  All the members are pumped to finally have sisters, it’s funny.  

So, funny thing about the new Elder in our trio is this past week during P-day me and my comp went to anther zone to play soccer, and me being my competitive self, almost got into a fight with another Elder cause he was slide tackling everyone on my team and with my luck I am in a trio with him, haha.  It was awkward at first but now it’s chill.  I have only had to tell him a “few” times that there are still people in our house that are still serving missions.  But now we are homies, haha. 

So, a little bit more about my week.  My favorite family in the world got married and baptized this week.  It was their wedding and it was so special and spiritual.  Vero completely stopped smoking and drinking and is loving the Church and Josianne is so happy to be baptized and a member now.   After about 4 ½ months of teaching and stopping by their house their wedding happened and they are now members.  It was dope.  And that’s how my week went.

Elder Meyer