Wednesday, April 12, 2017


  Great week this week, a lot of work but it was good. I was the only one in the house who decided not to get sick. So I had the double shift of work. Working with our investigators and the other group of missionaries we live with investigators. There were some pretty filled days, but it was good and so fast. We had 17 people committed to go to church and they were all ready and pumped to go, then Sunday came and it was raining like no other so most of them were hiding in their houses. Haha. But it's chill we had our mains show up at church with us and they were confirmed members. But I wanna talk about three things hat stood out to me this week. The first two are spiritual and the third is funny.

  The first spiritual moment is when we were with an inactive girl we found. She wanted to have family night so bad. So, we ended up having family night with her, and she was telling us how she wants to have an eternal family and a complete family on earth because it is only her and her little girl. And how she wants a husband super bad. So, I ended up giving a message on love and how even though she doesn't have a husband right now and a "complete" family, she has us, her little girl, and the ward as her family. And she just started to cry. It was super spiritual for me to see that now she is back in the gospel she is super happy again.

  The second spiritual event was on Sunday before church when we were going house to house getting our investigators to come to church in the rain. We didn't have a lot of time cause lunch ended a little late, and I wanted all our investigators to make it there on time at 3:00 or to take the sacrament at least. So, we are with a few of our investigators and it was 2:50 and we still had a few people to stop by. So, I told them to keep on walking to church and we had to make a few other visits. So me and Elder Stewart decided to run from house to house. We started running. During this moment I thought, never in my life would I be running down the streets of Brazil in church clothes soaking wet in a rainstorm all so people we were teaching could make it on time to take the sacrament.We really did lose ourselves in the work Sunday, and there is no other feeling like it. We ended up showing up on time soaking wet, and the moment we walked in it was time for the people we baptized to receive the Holy Ghost. We had to go up in front of everyone soaking wet and give the blessing with the bishopric. It was great! 

The third was funny.  So, we were walking to lunch one day after a rainstorm, and me being an idiot, was walking too close to the street where there was a huge puddle.  A car decided to go really fast and hit the puddle.  I ended up getting completely drenched while my comp was perfectly dry.  It was so funny for some reason.  And, yep, that is how my week went. 

Love, Elder Meyer

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