Thursday, March 9, 2017

3 Americans And a Brazilian

So this week was good.  P-day started out great.  We woke up at 9:30 am to go play soccer in the city with a bunch of missionaries.  It was so dope.  We were in the middle of playing and a huge rain storm came in but we kept playing through the storm.  It was the best day of soccer of my life for sure.  Then P-day night we received another American in our house.  So we now have 3 Americans and 1 Brazilian.  I had to say bye to my homie from Mexico cause he got transferred.  It's funny cause we have 3 Americans in the house yet I still haven't heard a word of English yet.  Anyways it's still a good time.

On Tuesday I got to take a new missionary from Africa around which was fun.  Then Saturday me and Demars got a lecture for an hour and a half about the Bible and how the Book of Mormon is wrong.  We only got about 3 words in.  It's funny cause this guy was saying all this stuff that he looked up and took notes on about how the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith are false. Hahaha, it was so annoying and only strengthened my testimony about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith more.  We were going to baptize his son cause his son has a desire to be baptized, but the dad won't sign the baptismal papers cause he's so evangelistic.  

Anyways, I learned that if you can throw a football more than 15 feet you are a legend.  One Brazilian missionary has a football and I launched it as far as I could and literally everyone was amazed cause I think it was the first time they saw such a thing, haha.  Wow great week right!

Elder Meyer

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