Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chill week

So this week was super chill.  I made divisions again in Felipe Camarao.  But this time I got to chill in the house for a week cause the Elder I was making divisions with got kidney stones and ended up having to get surgery.  So I stayed with him through surgery and throughout the week.  It was good though, I got to study practically for a week straight.  My testimony grew, my language got better, but my mind exploded.  Haha, it was great.  And then when the division ended I got back with Demars, but he ended up being sick too.  So the second I got with him we went to the hospital to get him checked out.  

This week my love for Christ has grown and for the atonement.  I know he died for us and suffered for our sins. God really does answer prayers.  I was praying for some way I could get some rest, cause I was literally beat to the ground.  And my prayers were answered I got a weeks rest and a new knowledge of the Gospel!  I am fully back with energy and so pumped to work again.  But one problem, Carnaval is going on this week.  Haha, so we will see how this week goes.  Even though I can't speak to the people as I would like, I think most of them are catching the love flow.  That's all that matters right now.  

Anyways, that is all that happened this week.  I will catch ya'll next week.  Hopefully nothing too bad happens this week during Carnaval.

Elder Meyer

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