Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Beautiful Week

Yet again another beautiful week out here in the mish.   This week was transfer week and I was transferred to another area call Cidade Nova.  It’s so pretty here.  Cidada  Nova has these gigantic sand dunes that are covered with trees in some areas.  The neighborhood here is right up against the dunes, it’s so pretty to me for some reason.  But yes, I was transferred and yes it was hard saying bye to all the people I have gotten to know and love.  But I am still in the city so I think I will see them around here and there.   

My new companion’s name is Elder Demars, he is from Washington.  Funny thing is we both have the same birthday and were born the same year.  And we both had the same first companion (trainer) in the mission.  It’s cool and funny how big of a coincidence it is that we are companions.  He’s an incredible missionary.  He has only been out 8 months but is perfectly fluent and knows literally everything about the gospel, and he works like a freaking horse.  For me I think Joseph Smith has been resurrected and been put into my companion’s body and mind, haha.  He has so much desire to work and serve the people it’s amazing.  This week I have grown I think the most on my mish.  We worked literally almost to the death of me.  We taught so many lessons, made so many contacts and did everything you could possible imagine to get people to come to church.  We worked our butts off.  I can officially say I lost myself in the work this week and it was beautiful.  I am so excited to see what this transfer has in store.  He will help me learn so much and at the same time I am helping him learn a lot too.  

The people here are just as amazing.  I’ve already made some pretty good friends with the members and our investigators.  And I also live with two other new missionaries, one’s from Mexico and the other is from Belem, and I am already super tight with them.   It’s amazing.

I wanna end on a spiritual thought.  Count your blessings.  Find the smallest blessings throughout your day and love those little blessings you have.  This week I met people with problems, almost indescribable, but they are still happy for the little things they have.  So count your little blessings, because your little blessings are little to you, but a life changing blessing to some people here.  I love the Gospel and how it is changing people’s lives.  Even though there are over 7 thousand different churches here in Natal, I know we have the true church, with the true priesthood and a living prophet.  

Until next week,
Elder Meyer

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