Monday, January 30, 2017

First Transfer Tomorrow

Hola Senoritas, I know that is Spanish but who cares.   Haha, so this week was good.  I am pretty much 100 percent sure I will be getting transferred to another area this week, not only because I have been here for 3 transfers but I live with the APs and I question the crap out of them every transfer to “practice” my Portuguese and get answers that I want.  Haha, it never really works but I definitely get ideas.  I will find out Tuesday, it will be hard to leave but I know that there are people out in other areas that need me.  I think of this area as home because all the members and investigators took me in like I was their son.  I never thought in a million years that saying goodbye to them might be as hard as it was saying bye to my real fam.  But it might be, we will see.  
So about my week.  The week was really fast.  We had a lesson with this girl and me and my companion switched up the way we teach so I would learn how to teach about other things and in different styles.  So it was my first time teaching this subject with this girl, I studied the crap out of it so I could teach it perfect for her.  Like 12 hours this week of studying this subject and only this subject.  So we were teaching her, I am over here thinking it’s going perfect.   We finished and I was like “oh, ha baby, that went well” and then she said “to be real, I didn’t really understand a word you said”.  If you wanna know what getting hit by a semi truck, and then getting your heart ripped out feels like, this circumstance is exactly what it feels like.  Studying almost 6 months straight, never stop and then having someone tell you that hurts.  But it’s cool I know the devil wants me to quit and give up.  But I won’t, haha.  I know there are people that need to hear my words.  Even if they can’t understand me they can feel my love and that’s what’s most important.
So later that night me and the Chilean AP went out on splits teaching and I explained to him my frustrations about what happened and he told me it still happens to him to this day and he has been here for 1 year and 11 months.  Haha, I didn’t believe him.  So we were sitting there teaching this lady and he said a few things for like a minute and after she literally said to him “I don’t understand the language you’re speaking, it’s hard for me to understand.”  That moment I was like OK I feel better, we know the language it’s just the people need to listen better.  Anyways it was a really refreshing experience for some weird reason.  
I love the people with all my heart even though sometimes it’s frustrating.
Elder Meyer

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