Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year On The Roof

January 2nd- 

Another good fast week.  This week was New Year's Eve, and I'm not going to lie, Natal loves New Year's Eve.  Everybody and their dog go to the beach to either party, drink or watch fireworks.  So literally no one was home so we got to go back to our house and make dinner and try to make it the best New Year's Eve as possible.  And we did, we made hot dogs, listened to music (church music of course) and then went up to the top of the roof of our condo to watch the fireworks.  

We ended up staying up there for a long time talking about the mission and stuff, and how important it is and how much we will miss it.  We talked about this because I live with two people who have been out for 10 months and the other has 1 year so they all were super real and kind of emotional about the mission.  I only have 4 months but it started to kind of hit me.  Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting on a roof at midnightin Brazil with 4 people I didn't know a few months ago that I now consider my best friends.  It hit me and I realized how cool it is and how special a mission is.  You're not only finding and bringing people eternal happiness, you're creating memories that you will cherish forever.  I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

January 1, 2017 we shared our New Year's goals, played the ukulele and enjoyed fireworks.  This week was a hard week for contacts so we tried our hardest and worked our butts off but it just wasn't there so we made the best out of the week.  It was an amazing week, but without success.

Elder Meyer

January 9th-

This week was dope, I made divisions.  For the whole week in a neighborhood, or like a little city called Felipe Camarão about an hour or so away from Cidade Verde.  I learned so much in one week it's crazy.  I will tell you about it now.  

First of all the district here is an all boy district cause sisters aren't allowed to do work here cause it's "dangerous" or something so it was definitely more of an adventure.  And I now know why sisters don't work here.  But anyways, I learned so much in such little time.  I learned how to teach a different style, I learned ten times more about how important obedience is, learned more about how the Gospel actually changes lives.  I learned how to grow a pair and actually make contacts on my own and literally talk to everyone in sight, learned how to memorize the area faster because I was literally only here for a few days and on day 4 my companion that I was with here made another division with the people we were living with, so I was left with all his investigators and another new companion that didn't know the area.  It was stressful but dope because I relied on the Lord for help and he led me everywhere perfectly without mistakes.  And the Lord helped me so much with the language this week that I made about 12 new friends that I will never see again after today.  They wanted me to remember them so they gave me a ring to wear to remember this week with them for the rest of my life.  

I made friends with this mom that worked in this little acai building on the side of her house that she hooked me up with some free stuff cause I made her laugh a lot.  It was such a good week.  I had my most spiritual moment here on my mission.  I was teaching this mom and her daughters the third lesson and at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray to see if what we taught her was true.  She said "I don't need to pray because I already know it is true because of the change I have seen in my mom and dad's life because of this religion."  By the way, her mom and dad recently accepted the lessons and changed immensely.  I loved when she said that because it was literally our first time with her and she told us that.  My testimony was raised out of the roof.  It was so amazing.  

Oh yes, we were teaching a guy and after we finished teaching him he told us he had a pet monkey, so ya, I got to play with a monkey, ha,ha. 

This week in Felipe Camarão was a week I will never forget.  

Love you all,
Elder Meyer

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