Tuesday, February 14, 2017

God on our side

Oi minha familia. Uma outra semana perfeita.   [Translation: Hi my family.  Another perfect week.] 

This week was good with Demars.  The kid is a hard worker and a very dedicated missionary.  We worked super hard and efficient this week.  Almost non-stop it felt like.  I have already learned so much but never have been more sore or tired.  I am more sore here and tired here than after most football games, haha.  I think it’s cause my area is a little bit bigger and my comp runs when he walks, haha, cause he is a runner.  But it’s cool, my bod will be out of this world after this transfer.  

Anyways, a little bit more about this week.  P-day we went to this park that is only closed on Mondays but we went with a guy that “knows” a guy, so we got in.  It was cool and super peaceful.  We sat at this picnic table for about an hour talking with the Stake President about the ways he baptized people during his mish.  I ended up falling asleep on the table while my comp talked with him…oops.  But after P-day at 6 we went back to work.  And me and my comp became therapists cause literally everyone we talked to was sad about something that happened to them that day.  So imagine two American boys sitting in a house in Brazil listening to real life problems, trying to fix relationships, talking a woman out of killing her husband, etc.  It was great, haha.  I am now a therapist.  All you gotta do is rely on God to put words in your mouth in situations like those and he will.  Man I love the mish but it is so much different than what I thought.  And during most of the week for me was all the same.  But Saturday was pretty cool, we were in this area call Felipe Camarao around 9:30 at night cause Demars had to make some interviews.  And we live about 30 min away from Felipe Camarao, so we were like booking it home at 9:45 in the rain, it was awesome.  A very dangerous situation, but it was so peaceful because we knew we had God on our side.  Anyways, it was a great week.

I love ya’ll and the fam so much.  
Until next week.
Elder Meyer

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