Monday, November 21, 2016

I have no clue how I have the capacity to love the amount of people that I love here

Another super fast week.  This week was a good week.  We had an Apostle come speak to the missionaries and a member of the 70 came.  It was Elder Remlund.  I am pretty sure he is a fairly new Apostle.  But it was amazing, not only cause it was in English but because we had a freaking Apostle speaking to us pretty much individually.  He answered whatever question we had and gave an amazing talk.  He started off his talk by saying I have 3 messages for you.  First message was “thank you for serving the Lord and being here.”  2nd message was “know that God called you here for a reason” he said when the Prophet makes the calls that if it is not the perfect call for the person he has a horrible feeling and that feeling does not leave till he knows that the call is right.  He said that if you don’t know that this call is yours and that it was made especially for you to figure it out and when you figure it out write it down then pray about it and it will change your entire mission for you.  And the 3rd message was that our President and sister love us.  And that they were called here by God and the 12 Apostles had to all agree on them to be called here.  
That’s how he started his talk, it was great.  He gave an amazing talk.  Some of the main points that stuck out to me were these:
Give a reasonable effort and have faith.  He said don’t work yourself to death.  Give a reasonable effort and have faith, I loved that because I have been working myself almost to death every day but with only little faith.  And I haven’t been seeing the results I want to see.  So I will try that.  He also talked about attitude and effort.  He said when you have a good attitude and give effort you will see miracles.  I loved that.  Man, Apostles are call from God.  I have no doubt in my mind.  
I realized a few things this week too.  That I have no clue how I have the capacity to love the amount of people that I love here.  I was thinking the other day that what if I went home when I was in the CTM, like I wanted to do with all my heart, I would not have met my two companions, I would not have met the members in the ward and stake here.  And I would not have met my investigators that have changed my heart in a complete 180 degree turn.  I have been out for about 3 and a half months and I have learned more about love, family, life and everything that literally you cannot learn at home or in a classroom.  I thank God every day for giving me just enough courage to get through those bad days.  3 months have changed me this much, I can’t even imagine what the next 20 have in store for me.  Don’t get me wrong I am still sassy and have almost my same personality, just with a little more knowledge.  And I know kinda what I want in life.  I want a wife.  
Funny story real quick speaking of marriage.  We have two recent converts that we visit every day.  They are both about 50 I think.  The girl’s name is Maria Jose and the guys name is Fransisco.  Fransisco had no idea who Maria Jose was about 5 days ago.  But Maria Jose was obsessed with him.  So, yesterday we were walking back from church with them.  And they started talking.  And now this week I think they are going to be getting married.  I am pretty sure that is what she told me.  Cause I still don’t understand much but she did a lot of pointing and seemed really excited.  She pointed to her ring finger and I made a heart with my hand and she nodded.  So I think that is a yes.  Haha, it was so cute.
Elder Meyer

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