Monday, November 7, 2016

Serving others is key to happiness

What’s up guys.  
I didn’t write a group email last week because last week was pretty rough!  But I bounced back and had a pretty good week this week.  We had transfers this week and I got a new trainer named Elder A. Santos.  My old trainer got transferred to be a zone leader in Souza which is 9 hours away from here so that meant I was in charge for the first few days.  Cause I know the people and the area and my new companion doesn’t.  It was cool cause I actually felt important and needed out here for the first time on my whole mission.
My old companion was awesome, I learned so much from him.  But my new companion is freaking awesome too.  He speaks pretty good English and is helping me out so much.  

He’s pushing me to new limits I thought I wasn’t capable of reaching.  But I am reaching them somehow.  I had my two best days on my mission this week.  And those two days I worked harder than I ever have and I was happy with everything and everyone.  I was understanding a lot and communicating a little better.  My thoughts weren’t nearly as bad as they have been.
Me and my companion are very similar.  We both like to work hard, like the same music, same funny jokes, same food, it’s awesome.  I teach him more English and he teaches me more Portuguese.  While we are walking down the streets we sing and make remixes to songs like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons.  Then we go and make millions of contacts.  Contacts are pretty easy here cause everyone is friendly and believes in God and searching for something to help their lives.  I don’t do much talking but I am a blonde American so they wanna stop and ask where I am from and stuff.  So contacts are pretty easy and fun.
This week I gave a lesson on Faith to members.  All alone.  I think it went well.  I asked if it made sense, and they said yes, probably just to make me feel good.  
I learned something amazing this week that my Mom and Dad told me about in an email.  Serving others is key to happiness.  I looked for every little possible chance to serve from as big as helping a guy tow his car cause he couldn’t alone, to as small as after lunches cleaning up the tables at members houses and washing the dishes.  I loved serving this week.  I faced the fact that the language won’t come easy for me like it will for others, but if I serve with my complete heart it will do a lot more than talking.  Last week I tried losing myself but it didn’t work out.  This week I am not going to lie, I lost myself in the work.  We are nothing without the Lord.  
On a funny note I am not going to show any more pictures of our family or of Bree because they tell me in the little English they know that they want to be my brother-in-law.
Elder Meyer

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