Monday, November 14, 2016

Baptism on the Beach

Another week down in quase (almost) paradise.  I say almost because on Wednesday we had a baptism on the beach which was amazing.  It looks like Hawaii seriously.  But you can’t jump in and catch a wave which was so tempting (haha).  But it was a super spiritual experience for me because not only was it an awesome baptism, to watch the surroundings was perfect.  I sat there and said “there is no way this just happened on accident, our world is amazing and there has to be a God.”  You got to be some sort of crazy if you think that happened by accident.  
So that started the week off good.  The next day we had to make contacts because we have only been teaching recent converts.  So we made contacts.  We made 15 contacts in 1 hour and made 12 new investigators, names including Tiago, Anderlee, Anderson, Anderlia, Igor, Elwerson, Arthur, Tapioca and his 5 amigos.  Oh and Thalisia.  A lot of people and a lot of hard names to remember, but hey it’s all good.  So we had a lot of first lessons to be taught, I taught about how Dues e nosso Amoroso pai celestial and about the Grande Apostosia.  And my companion taught about the restoration.  All lessons went perfect.  My companion told me when I teach even if I only say a little, he can feel the power and the love of the Holy Ghost when I speak.  And he said he knows the investigators can feel it too.  I don’t know if he is just trying to be nice or what, but it sure helped me when he said that.  
A lot of ups and downs this week, but it was a pretty great week.  And I am planning on this next week being a good one too cause we have an Apostle coming, and all the missionaries in the whole mission are getting together.  And I think he is giving his talk in English!  Which will be dope and then he is speaking in my ward on Wednesday, so I get an Apostle twice in one week.  
Me and my companion read Matthew 17:15-21 and it talks about how if you have faith you could literally move a mountain because nothing is impossible with God and it also talks about fasting.  So me and my companion decided to fast for a few things.  After the 24 hour fast, 10 minutes after we broke the fast we were pretty much handed a baptism.  This girl is 25, is very interested in our church and wants to be taught more.  It’s crazy cause we literally fasted for something like that and 10 minutes later we got what we wanted.  It was great.
Elder Meyer

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  1. Wow! I love Elder Meyer. I'm Elder Balaich and lived with him for his first two transfers, its awesome to look back at these photos. thanks for posting