Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Man I Love the People Here but They're Making Me Fat

July 24-

What’s up, another week filled with miracles, ups and downs, and stuffing my face with food.  One of the miracles this week was that we met this girl that has lived across the street from missionaries I think for over two years and she had never talked to them until we said hi to her and introduced ourselves and everything.  She asked us for a Book of Mormon to read and marked our next visit.  So during our next visit we were teaching her and her husband about how they can be married and sealed for all time and eternity.  And she got all emotional and was telling us how she has visited a lot of churches but really has never felt anything until the moment she was talking to us.  Then she started getting emotional again and telling us the amount of peace she gets when we are around her.  It was amazing.  Our next visit we are planning on marking them to be baptized, I am pumped.  It really was an incredible miracle, it’s just what we needed.  
And why I said stuffing my face because people here love to serve you food.  So after church Sunday I ate from 12 – 8 it felt like.  Man I love the people here so much but they are making me fat.  

And about the ups and downs.  We had a baptism marked for Saturday, a 25 year old that quit smoking and was super prepared to be baptized.  We showed up at his house Saturday and he was gone.  And his grandma was telling us how he doesn’t want to be baptized, but we know she was lying.  So we went back but he wasn’t there for 2 days.  It was sad but at the same time, it’s God time and clearly it’s not Ismail’s time to be baptized.

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