Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Goals this Week

August 7-

Another great week of sweat, hard work and more sweat.  It’s already hot enough here but for some reason it’s getting hotter which I did not think was possible.  For some reason this week, when I was sweating buckets and almost dying of heat stroke, I thought about Jamba Juice and remembered all the good times there.  So who ever is reading this do me a favor and go buy yourself a Jamba and enjoy it, haha.
But anyways, we worked a lot this week.  We had a goal of contacting over 150 people and challenging 30 to be baptized.  We ended the week with contacting 170 people and 40 challenges to be baptized.   But with our luck only a few came to church.  It was classic.  We found 7 boys that are all over 12 years old and they came with us to church, it was funny.  Out of the 170 people we invited, everyone agreed to come, but most didn’t show up.  It’s funny cause everyone wants Christ in their lives but they want an easy way and don’t want to go to church they just want to hear our lessons.  We taught like crazy.  We taught 8 people who lost a family member recently, about the plan of salvation, and all 8 understood and loved our message but their pridefulness took over and they didn’t want to accept our religion, cause they are catholic but don’t even practice.  And our best investigators, Nayada and Angelo had a bunch of great questions during our lessons.  We taught them everything with so much spirit.  They love our church and love us and have so much desire to be baptized.  But they just need a few more days to make the final decision.  So we decided to fast for them.  Me and my comp thought everything would go perfect cause we fasted for them and almost died of thirst.  Sunday arrived and boom, they didn’t even come to church.  I don’t know if it’s just me or God likes to work in mysterious ways.  We spent the week with them,  them telling how much they love us, the spirit they feel with us, and then almost crying every time we left.  We decided to do a good thing and the opposite of what I wanted happened.  Haha, I don’t know what he is teaching me but it’s definitely something.
But that’s how my week went.  I love being a missionary and I love the struggles that come along with it.

Elder Meyer

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