Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Miracle of the Day"

July 31-

Another week of miracles.  This week me and my comp were focusing on “miracle of the day” saying when times got tough we looked at our miracle of the day and just laughed everything else off that was going wrong.  Had we realized that literally every day in the field you can have a miracle.  It is just the way you look at the miracle it could be the smallest thing and not even look like a miracle, but it is.  It is just your perspective and how you look at it.  
Our biggest miracle of the week was when we were teaching this family about the restoration and they were paying super close attention.  And when we explained about the three things other churches don’t have it clicked in the dad’s head.  And he had no doubts.  Sunday came along and he and his wife and his kids showed up right on time 8:00 in the morning.  And they liked every minute of it.  We are preparing them to be baptized this Saturday.  It really was a miracle how we found them, taught them, and helped them understand perfectly without doubts.  It really shows that God has his children prepared for us and at any given moment he will guide us to them.  
I love this work, and I would not change a thing in the world to have my mission be different.  I am so grateful for my challenges, and how my challenges are making me rely on Christ more and more.
Until next week.
Elder Meyer

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