Friday, July 7, 2017

It's Not About Time, it's About what you do with your Time

Another stellar week here in Mossoro. We have Priscilla and her cousin lined up for baptism this Saturday. And my boy Leo also. It will be a great way to end this transfer. Next week we already have transfers, so who knows what will happen.  I for sure wanna stay because I have only been here for one transfer. The area and people are amazing. I am getting to know the area and people super well!

The mission is flying by. Time here amazes me. It isn't even about the time now. It is about what you do with your time. I only have one year left to give my everything to these wonderful people of Brazil. Man I love these people. Even though they make me frustrated as ever when they say they will come to church and don't end up coming. I love them to death. It is the craziest thing ever!
Every single person here will let you in and have a full blown conversation with you.

This week we met a guy on the street and he let us in to talk with him. He was telling us about his problems with work, and how he had a big decision to make. And we gave him some advice and he took it, and I think it worked out.

Also, this week we ate pizza again, but I didn't throw up. What a miracle!  I also interviewed a few more people for baptism and it turned out well. Haha-the life of a missionary is tiring, but so rewarding!

I am super jealous the fam went to Powell. So we bought some Roman candles and lit them off. This was my week.

Elder Meyer

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