Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mossoro Really is Blessed

Amazing week!  This week we taught Priscilla every single day.  She ended up liking it so much she invited two friends and her parents to listen.  Now we got them all lined up and prepared for baptism.  Mossoro really is blessed and has a ton of people that are prepared to meet missionaries, and receive the restored gospel in their lives.  We also have another boy that is prepared and will be baptized next week.  Before I got to this area other missionaries were working with this boy.  But he never ended up getting to church with them in 7 weeks.  Then we showed up and made friends with him.  He ended up going to church with us and accepting baptism on the spot.  Which was great.  

Me and my comp are getting along great.  We are always laughing and joking around.  But when we teach we use the spirit.  It’s going great, I am loving every minute here.  We found a family of 12 to teach this week, that are super interested and then another older couple that is interested too.  It will be a great week.  We’re going to talk to all of them about baptism then try and commit them all to be baptized next week, it will be great.  The family of 12 we found has a girl that is 16 and her mom already lined me up to be her boyfriend.  I had to explain why I can’t be her boyfriend, haha it was funny.  

Also, I love competitions.  So I got the whole zone in on a competition.  It’s funny I always have the other elders competing against me trying to win something.  I only lost one competition this week and it was Verjo this giant elder, it was who could eat 1 liter of acai the fastest.  I barely lost but I am coming back this week ready to win, hahaha.  But that’s about all that happned.

Until next week.

Elder Meyer

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