Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Two Years is Just a Tiny Sliver of Eternity

   Hey everyone.  Another week down.  Only one more P-day then I am in the field.  This week was a little bit better.  Still tough with all the language stuff.  But it was better.  My boy Conner Grimes came to the MTC today.  It was so good seeing one of my good friends down here.  It was super rejuvenating I would say.  P-days are awesome here we get to go on a super nice bus for about an hour to get to the temple.  I usually just nap the whole time.  It's so nice.  Then we have a temple session in Portuguese.  Which is hard but I enjoy it.  Then after the temple you get 45 minutes to email then about 4 hours to walk around the city.  I have found some great candy stores and bakeries.  And the town, it's an awesome experience walking around a whole new environment and not knowing the language makes it a lot more fun.  You just kind of have to nod your head and say "sim" every time someone talks to you.  

   On a spiritual note, first off our mission president gave an amazing class on Gospel doctrine on Sunday that made me have an absolute belief that the Book of Mormon was true.  And that Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  Then tonight we listened to a talk by Holland, about the importance of missionary work.  Holland has such a powerful testimony of the Gospel that I also have no doubt in my mind that it is true.  I highly recommend listening to it if you are considering going on a mission.  It will make your decision a 100% yes after watching it.  Seeing such an intelligent man get so worked up over how much he loves the Gospel just gets me.  I now know why I am out here. I am out here to bring the people of Natal unto Christ and to be saved for all eternity.  Two years is just a tiny little sliver of eternity.  I love and miss everyone so much back home but I know this is where I need to be.  "You may not know this right now but this is the best choice you have ever made."-- Jeffrey R. Holland.

I will be emailing next week, see you then Tchau or Ate mais.

Elder Meyer
Elder Torgusen, Elder Walton, Elder Meyer and Elder Cleverly

Chase and his district

Chase and his roommates

Chase and the other missionaries serving in Natal 

All of the Missionaries going to Natal.

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