Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last week in the CTM!

    Oi, how is everyone?  Well it's my last week in the CTM.  Next Tuesday I will be in Natal around this time.  It's going to be crazy.  Everyone I talk to say they absolutely love Natal.  My instructor that teaches me Portuguese every day served in Natal.  He had 123 baptisms during his mission.  So I am hoping to have a little success (haha).  But everyone says it's an amazing place with some of the most humble people you will ever meet.  So I am pretty excited to get out.  I am for sure going to miss the CTM in some aspects like all the laughs and 3 really good meals a day and the intense volleyball games during "Actividade Fisica".  And my amazing instructor, and all the awesome people I have met here.  But I will not miss the long classes and sitting inside for countless hours.  As of next Tuesday I am not speaking any English for the next 22 months of my life.  And I am pretty freaked out cause I feel like I know nothing.  So ya, the first few months are going to be rough.  But I heard if you lose yourself in the work things will come easier, like hopefully the language.  I forgot to mention we went proselyting again on Saturday.  I still have no clue what anyone said but we somehow gave out 9 Books of Mormon.  I gave one out by going up to this girl and guy that had a really cute puppy.  I started playing with it and then told them "Nos temos presente para voce" which means we have a present for you.  Then you hand them the Book of Mormon and bare your testimony and kind of tell them what we believe in.  It's fun but pretty hard.  So ya, I am getting really excited/anxious for the field.  

I love you all and literally every email makes my day better.  If anyone has any questions about anything hit me up or hit the big man up if you wanna receive real answers.
Love, Elder Meyer
Elder Meyer and Elder Grimes from CC.

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