Thursday, September 8, 2016

Emails Mean Everything To Me!

This week flew by.  I have almost been out a month now.  I have about two and a half weeks left in the CTM, then I am out.  Out to Natal.  What's funny is Natal means Christmas in Portuguese (haha). Sunday was fast Sunday, which honestly was not bad because I was fasting for some pretty good stuff. I had to say bye to a lot of cool guys that were heading out to the field like Elder Sagae and Elder Castle from Hawaii.  I also had to say bye to my two Brazilian roommates.  That was way sad even though we probably said 10 words total in Portuguese together.  We were so close though somehow.  The language is coming along a lot better, but not as fast as I would really like it to be coming.  But oh well, the gift of tongues is so real, sometimes without me knowing I will be having a full conversation with Brazilians, like asking them where they're from and what they like to do and where they are serving their missions.  And then right after I will have no clue what I said.  But I will completely know everything about them.  Also on Saturday we went proselyting in the middle of downtown Sao Paulo.  It was a very unique experience.  Me and my companions were assigned to hand out 9 Books of Mormon and we did that in like half an hour.  But during that we met a Jehovah's Witness and he started getting mad at us.  But it was funny because we had no idea what he was saying.  It was really cool.  Most of the people believed in Christ and have heard of the Mormons so it was cool and then we would say we have a free present for you and give them the Book of Mormon with contact information and all that jazz.  By the way, we got two new guys in my district that came from Provo MTC because their visas came late.  But they are way chill.  One guy is from New York and the other guy is from Sandy and says he knows Alex Cortez way well.  And I forgot to mention something pretty cool.  Neil L. Anderson came and gave a talk today.  He is such a cool guy and has so much spirit to him.  He talked about how hard missions are but how amazing they are for us in the long run.  He has such a powerful testimony of the Church.  One cool experience of faith this week that I had was my teacher asked me to write down something I wanted to ask God while I was studying the scriptures.  I asked this "what can I do to find my complete faith in this religion because I am lacking so much faith right now?" So then I studied and found a scripture in Nephi that boosted my faith out of this world and it made me think about how people in this world could live without such a beautiful religion like ours.  It also made me realize why I was out here doing such a crazy task.  And that crazy task is to bring others unto Christ.  Thank you all honestly again for sending me such nice emails.  They truly mean everything to me.  I miss the Draper life so much but I know this is the place for me.

Elder Meyer

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