Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Feliz Natal!

What’s happening!  Pretty fast and pretty fun week.  It was transfers week this week.  Me and my companion will be together for another transfer.  Which is good because we are working well and teaching well together.   We haven’t argued or anything yet, we only have a good time.  So I am pretty pumped to see what this next transfer has in store for us.  Oh and we are staying in the same area.  Which means I will pass almost 5 months in this one area.  It’s chill because I am super close with all the members now, and our area has the best food in the mission.  But also it’s kind of bad because I am up to 95 kilos, almost 96 which is I think is 210-212 pounds.  I left the CTM around 195ish.  So I am planning on gaining some more, but it’s cool cause me and my comp bought protein and weights for a little early Christmas present.  Any ways I am very excited.  

So more about this week.  It is almost Christmas time and the city we are in is called Natal, which literally means Christmas.  So ya, Christmas time here is pretty dope because they love Christmas so much.  We also did some service.  We helped the sisters move out and into another apartment.  We helped set up for a Christmas party and taught a lot of people about the love and humility of Christ.  During the Christmas party that we helped set up for I felt the spirit more than ever during this one part of the ward party.  It was a video that showed how the ward got started.  It started off by saying “everything has a beginning” and it showed baptismal photos of the first families in the ward, and then it showed all the baptismal photos of the people.  I felt the spirit so much because two missionaries started a ward, they started with nothing and slowly baptized enough people for a ward and the ward members helped out and reached to their neighbors and so on.  All because of the courage of missionary work.  The ward we are in was so strong and had so many people in it, it had to be split.  The Church here is so new but so, so, so strong.  The people don’t take it for granted, they love and worship like people should worship such a sacred thing.  It has strengthened my testimony more than I can comprehend.  Even though it is so hard, it’s so worth it in the end. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas.  And I hope you can find the real meaning of Christmas this year.

Feliz Natal,
Elder Meyer

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